How to Generate More Leads from Webinars


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President, KLA Group
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    Wed, Aug 25, 2021 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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Webinars do generate leads.

People lost faith in webinars as a lead generation source in 2020. They didn’t get leads. Prospects didn’t attend. The problem isn’t the webinar. It’s what you’re doing before, during, and after that’s failing to drive attendance and convert leads.

Webinars work. Hosting one is the most powerful, direct way to prove to prospects you are the expert they want to work with right now. Prospect attraction authority Kendra Lee will share what you need to do to pull off a webinar that gets more participants then converts participants to leads.

You’ll discover:
  • 8 ways to increase registration for a bigger pool of prospects
  • How to entice people to show up live
  • 7 Strategies to turn participants into leads during and after your webinar
  • 4 Ways to leverage replays to generate leads
  • 3 Follow-up approaches to avoid losing valuable leads

About Kendra Lee

Kendra Lee is president of KLA Group, an author, speaker, and revenue generation authority uniquely combining both sales and marketing. She helps SMB companies increase revenue by using targeted B2B revenue generating strategies that speak directly to your ideal prospects and highlight your organization’s uniqueness. She is the author of the books, The Sales Magnet and Selling Against the Goal. KLA Group is a marketing agency and sales training company.