Is Your Sales Team Ready for the Coming Economic Boom?


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Most economic indicators point to a strengthening economy over the next 12 to 24 months. But is your sales team ready to rise up and reap the benefits of the rebounding economy? Are they able to ask the thought-provoking, forward-thinking questions that create true value- or just describe product and reactively take orders?

If there’s one of thing that the pandemic reinforced, it’s the need for human connection, empathy, understanding and reassurance. The opportunity is there for salespeople to become trusted consultants by solving a customer’s business problems, by listening and asking insightful questions and sharing insights.

Just like consumers who are anxious to get back out there, businesses are loosening up the purse strings and releasing budgets. For leaders who saw sales performance fall off a cliff in 2020, all of this is welcome news. To ramp up sales performance and strengthen your sales pipeline, you have to improve your salespeople’s confidence and ability to be more proactive and drive conversations toward results.

The virtual selling environment accelerated by the pandemic isn’t going away. The digitization and commoditization of buying can be viewed as bad news for salespeople- but it’s also a tremendous opportunity for sales reps that can rise to the occasion by going beyond customers’ immediate pains and needs and emphasizing that human element that buyers still crave.

Join this webinar to learn:
  • How and why developing your salespeople’s confidence and inspiring them to be more proactive is more important than ever
  • The top 3 things sales leaders need to do right now to address these gaps in their salespeople’s capabilities
  • Ways to build trust, rapport and human connection with customers in an increasingly digital world
  • How to navigating the inevitable distractions in virtual selling situations–  and how what worked before won’t do the trick now
  • The #1 driver of sales performance- the role of self-belief, attitude, achievement drive and purpose in sales performance

About Bruce Wedderburn

Bruce Wedderburn has over 20 years of global experience in the sales performance improvement industry building, coaching and directing sales teams and distribution channels to surpass growth targets. He has a passion to create business results for clients through the successful execution of customer-led sales strategies. Prior to joining Integrity Solutions Bruce was the leading sales person in North America for Dale Carnegie Training and led the redevelopment of the company’s sales performance practice. At Huthwaite, he was a top performing salesperson, highly recognized sales leader, and spearheaded the successful expansion of the organization into Australia, Asia and Latin America. As EVP of Enterprise Sales at MHI Global, he recently led the united brands in North America. Originally from Australia, Bruce lives with his wife and three children in the Washington DC area.

About Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher is a highly experienced Master Facilitator for Integrity Solutions as well as the Chief Sales Officer for Sales Bullpen, an Integrity Solutions Business Associate. He began his 25+ year career in sales as a college student, selling books door-to-door in the summers. He was consistently a top salesperson among several thousand students. Since that time, he has spent his entire career in direct sales, sales management and sales training and consulting. His energetic and engaging facilitation style is filled with practical insights and ideas drawn from personal and professional experiences “in the trenches.” For the past 20 years he has facilitated Integrity Selling and Integrity Coaching training for a diverse group of clients across industries includes medical devices, banking, manufacturing and more. Mike resides in the Nashville, TN area with his wife and two children.

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