Action, not Anecdotes: Run Your Sales Staff with More Data, Less Guesswork


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Iterative Management Executive, Group Harmonics
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    Wed, Jul 20, 2022 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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If your staff meetings are an arms race of ever more rosy stories about the future, ever more closely guarded presentations of current status, and ever more vague discussions about how well things are going between salespeople and clients, this session is for you. Award-winning author and systemic culture change expert Ed Muzio will show you a new way of thinking about forecasts and data. You’ll learn what you can do with your staff, today, to get it functioning better as soon as next week. Get out of the business of guessing what people mean as they try to make themselves look good, and get your team sharply focused on working together with data and forecasts to achieve the real results you owe your leadership.

Copies of Ed’s book, “Iterate: Run a Fast, Flexible, Focused Management Team” will be awarded via raffle to selected live attendees who reside in the U.S.

About Ed Muzio

Ed Muzio has been called “one of the planet’s clearest thinkers about management practice” – by someone who would know, the editor of a global management magazine. He’s a recognized leader in improving human performance through his analytical approach to culture change. Maybe that’s why one reviewer called his second award-winning book, Iterate, “a must read for CEO’s and leaders.”  

A regular guest on CBS, Ed works with Fortune 500 leaders and managers, individual practitioners, and everyone in between. He has been featured as a workplace dynamics expert in international media ranging from Fox News and The New York Post to Spirit Magazine and

About Reggie Wilson

With over 25 years of business experience, Reggie has worked  in a variety of roles that includes operations, product management, marketing, and sales.   He has worked in several high-profile industries for some of the largest companies in the US such as Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, Fujitsu, and OfficeMax.  It was this experience that allowed him to make a smooth transition into the world of Human Capital Management where he has spent the past decade working in sales and business development leadership roles. 

Working with people at all levels of a corporation has been a key contributor to Reggie’s success in Human Capital Management.  He began his career managing associates in a unionized operations environment and over the years began selling products and services into the C-Suite levels.  He has enjoyed several achievement awards over the course of his sales career, for which he contributes to a collaborative approach in working with people. 

Reggie is a native Texan who resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  He has a son and daughter who are at various stages of their collegiate careers.  His hobbies include fitness activities, the outdoors, and live music.