Scientific 5-Step Method to Hire “Superstar” Sales Reps


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Author, Speaker & Business Psychologist, Mercer Systems LLC
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    Tue, Mar 07, 2023 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Dr. Mercer will show you how to consistently + scientifically hire “Superstar” sales reps – who are both (1) Highly Productive + (2) Low-Turnover. 

This presentation is based on Dr. Mercer’s (A) 20+ years of scientific, quantitative research on qualities of “Superstar” sales reps – including how to measure those qualities when assessing job applicants and (B) 3rd book – Hire the Best - & Avoid the Rest™.

Learning Objectives
You will learn:
  • 5 Step Method to Hire the Best
  • Quantitative Research – revealing specific qualities of “Superstar” sales reps
  • How to custom-tailor your research-based assessments of sales candidates
  • 2 types of pre-employment tests proven excellent at forecasting sales rep success
  • “Polite Interrogations” – (oops!!  I mean fantastic In-Depth Interviews of applicants)
  • 1 surprising (& fun) way to make sure applicants never lie to you

Materials You Will Get
Participants in this interactive session will receive (1) copy of presentation handout on which to take helpful notes and (2) opportunity to get practical “Free Gift.”

About Michael Mercer, Ph.D.

Michael Mercer, Ph.D., is president of 

He authored 6 books, and has been quoted in Forbes  and Wall Street Journal.  Books he wrote include “Spontaneous Optimism™,”  “Absolutely Fabulous Organizational Change,” and “Hire the Best - & Avoid the Rest™

Dr. Mercer is researcher and creator of “Abilities & Behavior Forecaster™ Tests” which are pre-employment tests. 

Dr. Mercer has delivered hundreds of presentations at companies, associations, and conferences.  His presentations are lively, interactive, and immediately useful.