Making the Business Case for Incentive Travel


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President, Engagement Partners
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Divisional Vice President, One10 Marketing
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    Tue, Sep 26, 2023 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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Incentive travel programs are so effective at maximizing sales performance that every large and many mid-sized companies run one.  These “President’s Club” programs motivate sales reps and managers to sell to the best of their abilities and reward the top achievers with spots luxury trips to highly desirable resorts around the world. Yes, these trips are expensive but if properly structured, they are investments that provide a return-on-investment (ROI).

During this webinar you’ll learn how:
  • The power of competition and social recognition work to increase motivation and engagement that drives results
  • Incentive travel programs can motivate the “middle 60%” to boost their performance and not just the top performers
  • Industry Research and best practices and can guide effective program design
  • Sales leaders can use an incentive travel program as an effective top candidate hiring and retention strategy

About Ira Ozer

Ira Ozer is the CEO of Engagement Partners, an engagement consulting company, that assesses current engagement scores and redesigns recognition and reward programs to improve performance.  Ira is a certified recognition professional (CRP), certified professional of incentive management (CPIM) and a certified engagement professional and he partners with sales consulting,  training and enablement technology companies and associations.  Ira is a frequent speaker about how to effectively use incentives to motivate and engage employees, salespeople, channel partners and customers.

About Jason Mossotti

Jason Mossotti is the Divisional Vice President of One10, a leader in performance improvement.

Over his 23 years in the incentive and recognition industry, Jason has had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s best brands to solve their employee engagement and incentive goals. Jason has led many strategic accounts wins in his career and is skilled in finding unique solutions to customer problems.

Having started his career as a Travel Director at Maritz, in St. Louis, followed by 10 years with Excellence in Motivation, based in Dayton OH. Jason was chosen to lead sales for One10 after the company acquired the meeting and engagement business from Aimia. In his spare time, Jason is a father of three based on Hermosa Beach, CA.

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