Your Influence Advantage: Powerful Persuasion Strategies Not Found in Robert Cialdini's Book INFLUENCE


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Robert Cialdini's legendary book, INFLUENCE, was published 39 years ago. The world has drastically changed since 1984, yet Dr. Cialdini's persuasion principles have held firm because they are rooted in un-changing human psychology.  Marketers, consultants, C-level decision-makers, training specialists, negotiators, and experts in Sales, Communication and HR who master Cialdini's principles invariably:
  • Become better leaders
  • Get far more YES answers to requests
  • Close more deals and make more sales
  • Successfully persuade others to support them, and
  • Become more successful professionals
Yet even those familiar with Cialdini's influence principles are likely unaware of the most recent methods, frameworks and findings, such as:
  • The Smuggler's quadrants
  • The 5-steps to identifying your own Influence strengths
  • ETHICAL Influence: The Weapon vs. Lever approach
  • Unity: the most powerful principle
  • The unfortunate mistake everyone makes with Social Proof

Join Dr. Champagne, the #1 most experienced Cialdini Certified Professional, as he explains these ideas for the first time, and illustrates how to guarantee more YES from your customers, prospects, students, colleagues and decision-makers.
Don't miss this opportunity: ETHICAL PERSUASION is a top-5 in-demand power skill in today's workplace. Those who apply these “secrets” of persuasion will gain a clear and insurmountable business advantage.
This video explains your score on the Influencer Matrix and how to use the powerful psychological tactics to move your audience to YES

About Matthew Champagne, Ph.D.

Matthew Champagne, Ph.D. is a researcher, university professor, consultant and serial entrepreneur who has taught Robert Cialdini's principles since 1993. He was named “Technology Visionary” by SURVEY Magazine for his pioneering work merging psychology and technology to create never-before-seen customer feedback solutions. Dr. Champagne is author of Keep Your Customers Forever, The Survey Playbook and an invited contributor to the Kirkpatrick’s landmark book Four Levels of Training Evaluation. When not teaching, Matt can be found cruising with his family, in the reefs SCUBA diving or on-stage playing keyboards in his rock band.