Sales Prospect Attraction: Three Strategies That Really Work


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It’s not a lie. Prospecting without cold calling is possible. Not only is it possible – it’s possible to be highly successful without picking up the dreaded telephone. The phone is still a valuable tool, but there are many different methods that can take that call from ice cold to pleasantly warm.

The results are there to prove it. One rep using these strategies made 47 calls and booked 8 appointments in one week. As you might know, it usually takes 10 hours of cold calling to book one appointment – and a rep can make a lot more than 47 calls in 10 hours!

Join prospect attraction expert and author of “The Sales Magnet”, Kendra Lee as she reveals how to effectively execute a mix of sales prospecting strategies – personal, digital and collaborative.

You will discover how to:
  • Attract prospects to you
  • Get your focus
  • Get your grabber
  • Connect your efforts
  • Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

All registrants will receive the Campaign Planner etool. Use this great tool to determine which attraction strategies, in what combination, work best for you. Prospecting is no picnic! But Kendra’s got a “basket” full of strategies that will turn your prospecting experience around.

About Kendra Lee

Despite starting her sales career in accounting, failing IBM’s entry level sales exam, and being told she couldn’t sell without an engineering background, Kendra Lee entered sales and proved those nay-sayers wrong. She turned her knowledge of numbers into a lead generation approach that propelled her to the top 1% of sales professionals for each IT company where she sold. Kendra founded KLA Group, a sales and marketing agency, to consult, train and “Do it For You” to get more customers. She is the author of the books The Sales Magnet and Selling Against the Goal.


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