Influence: The 7 Big Secrets in 7 Minutes
eBook by Elaina Zuker

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Dear Reader,

Give me 7 minutes of your time, and I’ll give you The essence of my bestselling book, “Seven Secrets of Influence” and the international one-day seminar Program, “Secrets of Influence™”

My goal here is to give you, in just a few minutes and a few dollars, a basic understanding of the important Influence theory and skills that Fortune 100 executives pay thousands of dollars for.

I’ve given you the self-assessment questionnaire “Influence Styles Inventory” at the very beginning, plus a printed (or digital) way for you to learn your own Influence Score. That, and the description of the Influence Styles, should take about 7-10 minutes. (Then, for deeper understanding, you can read the rest of the short book to enhance your awareness and skills)

Here, in condensed form, for busy people like yourself, a rich and deep view of these important ideas necessary for anyone to be successful in the 21st Century!

Wishing you much Success and Influence!

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