The Sales Leader’s Guide, 2023
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The Sales Leader’s Guide, 2023:
Mitigate Market Risk and Drive Sustained Revenue in an Uncertain Economy

With 2023 around the corner, it’s no secret that rumors of a recession are looming as inflation is at its peak and the market continues to fluctuate. While economic uncertainty is difficult to ignore, what does it mean for sales leaders and businesses?

Readjusting expectations and evaluating processes will be a big part of successfully mitigating market risk and driving revenue in an uncertain economy. However, rather than reacting to market conditions, the successful leader will purposely pivot – using strategy, data, and resources efficiently to make better, data-driven decisions for their organization.

With employee churn at a high, factors including upskilling and retaining talent, focusing on the quality of conversations, streamlining your tech stack to preserve time and budget, and mitigating organizational risk are just a handful of factors to consider when evaluating your readiness for the new year.

This eBook outlines the following ways in which sales leaders can purposely pivot and utilize both data, technology, and strategy to remain resilient and overcome obstacles presented by a changing economic environment:
  1. Readjust your expectations to adapt to the changing economy
  2. Ramp new hires to full revenue productivity sooner
  3. Focus on quality conversations, not the quantity
  4. Mitigate organizational and budget changes by improving sales effectiveness
  5. Consolidate resources to better preserve time and budget
  6. Streamline tech to provide a seamless loop of insights and integrations
  7. Tailor your communications to avoid fines or upset consumers
  8. Ensure that your decisions are data-driven; it’s more important than ever

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