4 Ways to Measure the ROI of Sales Training Technology

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Why Your ROI Story Is Stronger Than You Think

If you’re in charge of training a sales team, you know how hard it is to ensure they properly receive
and retain training while in the field. But since organizations often treat sales training as an unavoidable
cost of doing business, you may find it even harder to justify investing in technology that would
improve your learning program.

Sales, sales enablement, and sales training leaders often don’t realize how much investing in sales
training technology contributes to a stronger ROI. That’s because most companies haven’t instituted
best practices for identifying the business impact of better sales learning. Most limit their tracking to
activity metrics like usage and adoption, or they capture anecdotes about how a recent training
contributed to closing a specific deal.

Quantifying the full return on your sales training investments helps you more effectively champion your
initiatives and win more resources. That way, you can improve your team’s performance and create a
virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.

Here are four sources of ROI you’re already delivering that you should capture to demonstrate how sales
training contributes to the bottom line of your organization.

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