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Our post-pandemic recovery has left us with instability in our supply chain, inflation, and a unique work environment. As a result, even the most solid retention and growth strategies must adapt and continue to raise the bar to ensure their contributions to brand and business value keep pace. There has never been a better time to reconsider the role of Business-to-Business (B2B) incentive and loyalty strategies.  
Learning online is now commonplace. We know how to use the platform features, but unfortunately, engaging attendees to participate, to come on camera, and to unmute can be like "herding cats," as the saying goes.  
Stop pressing the "more" button. More calls. More meetings. More deals. More discounts. That button is broken! Instead, discover how to press the "why" button and unleash the passion that lies deep within each of your salespeople.  
Your reps know it’s easy to sell when the economy is booming. They also know that’s not the environment they entered on January 1. Businesses are cautious about spending money. Sales reps need to talk with a new set of decision-makers who are higher up in the organization.
In 2023, the success of your sales team will be determined in large part by how effectively sellers use content. 
The reality is that just over half of sales reps in a given group achieve quota. Similar to the games you play on your smartphones, the gamification of your sales training is a powerful tool to motivate and engage your sales team. As you make your reps actions reward-based and more competitive, you will find your sales team approach the daily grind of sales more readily.
People will run really, really fast for two reasons: to win a gold medal and to get away from a German shepherd. Only one of these reasons results in sustained success. Can you guess which one?
If you had a crystal ball that could predict the future, how would you use it to shape your sales and marketing strategy and build your team? Visionary entrepreneur and founder of insurance giant Anthem, Ben Lytle, presents what you need to know to succeed in the 21st century. This riveting webinar is based on his prescient new book, "The Potentialist: Your Future in the New Reality of the Next Thirty Years." 
This webinar will teach 4 unique strategies that will position and enable sales managers to be more successful. For the past 30 years sales teams have hovered around roughly 48 to 52% not hitting their quotas with this statistic changing very little. This means the sales industry to a certain extent has flatlined. This webinar will teach accountability tactics that can position sales managers to be more successful when managing their teams. 
Cut Enterprise Accounts Sales Cycles in Half...While Improving the Closing Ratio! In this session, we'll explore a tactical process and technique your sales team can use that cuts the Enterprise sales cycle in half, while improving the closing ratio without having to drop their price.
Learn a content strategy to ensure that you are curating, creating, sharing and engaging on the right content and attracting the right ideal customer persona.
Survey results from the Workforce Institute indicate that 87% of employees report a high level of inclusion at their company when there’s a strong culture of recognition.1 Of those surveyed, nearly one-quarter said that they’re not recognized frequently enough. A Gallup report found that, when recognized, employees are five times more likely to feel connected to their company’s culture and four times as likely to be engaged. A recent Achievers survey revealed that 48% of leaders said their culture has deteriorated since the start of the pandemic because of lack of employee input and their failure to connect with remote employees.
It has been a tough couple of years for salespeople! As we emerge from the peak of the pandemic’s impact on commerce, it is clear that we are not returning to the pre-COVID normal but to a new normal of Hybrid Selling. 
The real reason Q4 stresses your sales team is… Standard prospecting tactics stop working. Your sales reps quickly fall into a pattern of self-defeating thoughts like prospects don’t have budget. Or, it’s year end. Decision makers are too busy to talk.  
Feedback contributes to improvement, productive changes, effectiveness, clear direction, an open culture, and, ultimately, success. Yet 95% of managers are unhappy with their performance review/management system and 59% of employees polled said that performance reviews are not worth the time. We are on a mission to change those perceptions!  
Every salesperson knows that important buying decisions and complex sales are rarely made by an individual—multiple decision-makers are the rule rather than the exception. Yet few salespeople know how to effectively untangle the complexities associated with influencing multiple people with various priorities in making a single buying decision.   
What if you had unlimited energy capable of self-generating as much as you needed, on demand, whenever you wanted it?  How would your life change?
Why are most virtual meetings still so awkward, unmemorable and ineffective? Because no one is born knowing how to talk to a camera! Like an actor going from stage to screen, being successful in a new medium requires new skills.  Fortunately, screen actors have spent decades developing techniques for connecting, engaging and influencing others through the camera. In this session, actor and author Julie Hansen shares the top actors’ secrets for more engaging and successful virtual meetings from her award-winning book, "Look Me In The Eye: Using Video to Build Relationships with Customers, Partners and Teams."
Your sales forecast should be the single source of truth when it comes to making the decisions that drive your business with confidence.  For example, do you know exactly when the revenue in your sales forecast will hit and can you comfortably plan around it? 
Economic news is not rosy and buyers are changing their priorities. What are the best ways to coach your sales team to find new accounts, expand existing ones, and retain more of them? Join Carole Mahoney, author of the upcoming book "Buyer First" and discover what sales research and the largest data set of sales performance suggests you focus on for more predictable revenue attainment and retention of your best sellers and customers. 
It may seem simple—just move your sales meetings online, right? But that isn’t all you need to master virtual sales and keep up with the competition. Being a great virtual salesperson doesn’t just mean long days of videoconference calls. You have other new skills to learn.
Most proposals aren’t effective at winning new business, especially in highly competitive situations. Why? The most common reason is that proposals tend to focus inwardly on you organization and its capabilities, instead of outwardly on the client and their business. Why does that happen and how can you prevent it? Tune into this webinar to find out.
Recognition and rewards can drive performance increases of 20% or more by leveraging the power of motivation psychology, social dynamics and workers’ desire for aspirational awards within a positive culture that encourages the collaboration and success of all individuals and teams.  This seems like common sense, but it is not easy to implement in the workplace unless you create programs that are designed with recognition and reward best practices. There is an art and a science element to effective recognition. This includes smart program structure, rules, training, recognition tactics, reward choices, actionable analytics and more. 
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