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Connecting with prospects in today’s climate requires a creative approach to events. Join prospect-attraction authority Kendra Lee and create a blueprint for planning and hosting webinars that attract new prospects and start conversations during these turbulent times. She’ll share how to create and promote a webinar that attracts prospects and digitally engages your community during turbulent times.
We all know video is powerful for individual learning. And, we all know culture is powerful in creating organizational agility, continuous learning, and employee engagement. But what happens when you put the two together, and start using video as a lever to move the culture?
With 2021 looming just a few weeks ahead, you still have just enough time to rethink, redesign and rebuild your onboarding process into a much more effective machine than you were forced into this year: a highly effective and impactful virtual operation that will:   
Sales kickoff season is here. Do you know what your meeting will look like this year? Pre-pandemic, you flew your team in to celebrate past successes, train, and motivate everyone for the next twelve months.
As the marketplace spends significant amounts of money on tools to support the sales process, there still seems to be a troubling fact: more than half of salespeople miss their quota. The sales 
As the marketplace spends significant amounts of money on tools to support the sales process, there still seems to be a troubling fact: more than half of salespeople miss their quota. The sales process or even the technology might not be the issue; often, it is an absence of an effective sales methodology.
What would your revenue look like if you could clone your top producers? Better yet, how much would you grow if you helped your top producers identify at least one area on every call where they could improve?  How confident are you that you know exactly what your salespeople are saying during sales calls and demonstrations?  Do you have a system to provide feedback?  Even without being on every call or in every meeting?
Coaching is tougher today, now that many sellers are working remotely. Without seeing your team in person, it’s difficult to know who’s struggling and how to drive behavior change.
Leaders are challenged to manage change, transform teams and processes, and build talent - all without the benefit of in-person work with their teams. There’s never been a better time to be an improviser - they think on their feet, embrace change and stay positive - all characteristics shared with high performing teams as well.
"If I could just get more at-bats! Seriously, if they would just take my call, my business would thrive!" - says almost every business development professional we have ever met.
People buy from people they trust . . . and they trust people who are authentic. 
The first step in creating top sales coaches is recognizing that most sales managers do not invest enough time coaching their salespeople.  And worse, when they do coach their sales team, they often focus on short-term results rather than mid-to-long-term development.  Top performing sales managers spend at least 50% of their time coaching salespeople and do so in a consistent, structured fashion that drives individual improvement for each team member.  
Want to find more leads with less competition? Your happy clients have the key - their referrals! Create a referral program for your business then get your whole company using it. Referrals are one of the quickest ways to fill your pipeline and close faster than any other lead but how do you reward people who refer you?  
Michael Bungay Stanier was named #1 Thought Leader in Coaching in 2019, and he is the author of the best-selling coaching book of this century: The Coaching Habit.
Are your deals stalling or ending in the status quo more often than they should? You’re not alone! Depending on the research you read, the number of opportunities that end in "No Decision" ranges from as low as 23.5% to as high as 60%, and increasing in the new virtual sales world. Whichever is accurate for your company, most can agree that it’s far too high. To make matters worse, the number of stalled deals (where buyers have essentially ghosted you) is almost legendary.
Bar charts and pie charts have their place, but they only take you so far. This session will show you the secret ins and outs of Microsoft Office to create unique and highly visual charts such as Proportional Shapes, Panel Charts, Bullet Graphs, Unit Charts and more in PowerPoint and Excel.
Why are some companies thriving in the current environment while others fall behind? The secret is modern sales enablement. Today’s winners are mastering virtual selling with an up-to-date approach to content, tools, and knowledge to help their sales teams succeed.
Are you ready for the new normal? Virtual selling—working a deal remotely when you can’t be there in person—is how to close B2B deals today. With business uncertainty at an all-time high, any vendor that’s not on board will get trounced by their competition.
A high-performance sales culture is built strategically by building a high-performance team. At the core is building a sales talent pipeline that ultimately leads to building a strong team of A players who achieve revenue results - essentially, your company's competitive advantage. 
One of the major challenge’s organizations face in the workplace are people's ability to handle conflict. There are two sides of conflict when people are confronting one another somebody who is delivering the conflict and somebody who is receiving it.
Marvel at how amazing your presentations can be using only Google Slides. Create visual, dynamic, engaging slides that help your audience learn, in this interactive session packed full of real-life examples of bullet points transformed into meaningful visuals.
If you're in the training business, you're in the business of behavior change. And, wow, it's really difficult. We are all, literally, creatures of habit. Our role in helping people have the courage and discipline to change the way they act is significant and tricky. 
Q4 is upon us. It’s been a tough sales year. Your sales team has one last quarter to pull the numbers up. Prospecting and closing business around the holidays present a challenge and salespeople lose focus. What can you do to prepare your reps to look for last minute opportunities and make one final push? What can your sales reps say to get contacts to meet and close a sale with little time left in the year?
2020 has been a challenging year for sales leaders. If you weren't facing disruption before, the global pandemic pushed it upon you. Almost overnight, all sales positions transitioned to "inside sales." And the new normal of virtual selling comes with its own challenges of video conferencing fatigue, sourcing and calling buyers' mobile phones, and a decrease in email open rates.  
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