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Training in the Time of COVID-19: Tips and Lessons Learned

Coronavirus is causing many businesses to re-think how they do training and forcing L&D professionals to rapidly move to more virtual and online solutions. How are businesses facing these challenges?

Using a Unique Sales Assessment to Grow Sales

This webinar will teach a unique sales assessment methodology on how to build greater engagement and participation among sales staff members for greater performance improvement. This assessment is a self-administered assessment and non-personality-based and is very unique in the marketplace. 

Becoming a Thought Leader on LinkedIn

Branding ourselves as thought leaders and subject matter experts is foundational to driving new business opportunities from LinkedIn.   

How Mobile Learning Can Energize Your Sales Team During a Pandemic

Are you using mobile tech to train your sales reps? If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

URGENT: Moving Presentations Online: Coronavirus, Training Sessions, and Events

Coronavirus is causing businesses to cut or make drastic reductions in business travel, and to cancel or move conferences and events online. But conference organizers, training teams, and trainers still have jobs to do - so the question immediately becomes How do you do your job when people can’t travel or meet face-to-face?

Gold Standard Strategies To Manage Sales Performance And Achieve Your Priorities

Key problems for every sales manager are (1) managing performance of 5-10 “Lone Ranger” salespeople with different territories, varied skill levels, lack of proximity and (2) finding time to manage top priorities often lost in an excessive workload. The challenges of mixed activities, high work expectations, a chaotic environment loaded with interruptions sucks up time and creates performance obstacles. The ideal solution lies in two exclusive strategies found only in our new book format, comparable workshops, and this SMM webinar.

Shift Your Sellers to a Modern Method for Resolving Buyer Concerns: One Size Does NOT Fit All

Do you really believe that modern B2B buyers want their “objections overcome?” Can you imagine anything more combative?

How to Prove the Value of Your Sales Training Program

You know an effective sales force is essential. Equipping your reps with product knowledge, best practices and objection handling are baseline skills. Well-trained salespeople drive better results. Yet only 42% of sales training programs meet expectations.

Care Like A Mouse. Engage Your Castomers™. Amaze Your Customers.

This session, based on the presenter’s book Care Like a Mouse, will show attendees how Disney harnesses human capital through Purpose, Priorities and People. At each step, we will share strategies and tactics participants can apply to their organization.

Your Blindspots Are Killing Your Coaching and Leadership

Mark Sellers wants you to know that you have blindspots that are killing your coaching and leadership. In his new book, Blindspots: The Hidden Killer of Sales Coaching, sales coach, trainer and author (The Funnel Principle) Mark Sellers exposes a universal problem facing sales leaders - they all have blindspots.  The fundamental problem with blindspots is they prevent leaders from creating emotional connections.  As a result, leaders don’t get everything their people have to give, and performance and results are compromised.   

Creating a Culture of Peak Performance Mindset

Mindset is the missing piece to grow and sustain performance. 80% of success is based on mindset; while only 20% is based on skillset. This webinar is designed to help us achieve higher levels of success by modeling and adopting the mindset of excellence. You will become highly aware of and be able to harness the power of your Inner CEO - the key center of the brain that regulates and improves what we do on a daily basis. 

From Sales Manager to Ultimate Gold Standard Sales Leader

Sales manager and sales leader jobs are similar, overlap, and are often conducted by one person. Yet there is a huge difference between a typical sales manager and the ultimate sales leader. The sales manager’s position is largely daily management including coaching and directing the sales team. On the other hand, sales leadership is long term, focusing on strategy, planning, making future, long-range decisions. The successful sales manager must grow and eventually transform to a sales leader who can execute both jobs together.  

The New Coaching Revolution: Everyone Gets a Coach

Coaching is the most effective mechanism for accelerating human performance. So, why doesn’t everyone have a coach?  

Every Job Is A Sales Job

The days of "sales" being assigned to just one individual or team are GONE---in a typical transaction in today's market, literally every member of your team may come into contact with a client or prospect. And every one of those moments is a selling opportunity...making EVERY job a sales job! Dr. Cindy McGovern will show you how to take the "ick" out of selling and adopt a new and energized sales mentality. Everyone in your organization is capable of playing a part in elevating the customer experience.

Sales Force Effectiveness: Diagnose First, Then Prescribe

We say that our sales reps should diagnose first, then prescribe. But as sales enablement and sales effectiveness leaders, are we doing the same, internally? Are we really using a data-driven approach to determine our next performance improvement initiatives, to help our sales force move the needle? Would you like to know what levers to pull to have more reps hit quota?

What's Going On Inside My Sales Funnel?

Companies spend millions if not billions of dollars on software tools such as salesforce automation or CRM platforms and they are valuable; nevertheless, what's valuable is the information often not sought that resides in the middle of the sales process or approach. 

The Adaptive Seller: Three Strategies to Accelerate Sales in the Age of Information Overload

Here’s a statistic that will boggle your mind: Humans consume 74 gigabytes, the equivalent of 175 newspapers of content, per day. Customers are assaulted with facts, pseudo-facts, white papers, media and statistics all posing as relevant information. Much of the well-sourced information is contradictory. Sorting the “need to knows” from the “nice to knows” can be exhausting. Add to this a new average of ten stakeholders and more and more customers are defaulting to the status quo or a no-deal.  

Gold Standard Strategies Optimize Sales Coaching Performance, Expand Time, Frequency, Rep Allocation

Sales coaching desperately needs help: sales managers average only 10% of their time coaching, 50% of new sales managers fail in two years, 65% of sales reps miss quota, turnover for many sales forces is 20% or more. The culprit is not the sales manager but methods and training to improve performance. The new gold standard for high-achieving sales manager has arrived with, new skills and, strategies:  in book format, comparable workshops, and this SMM webinar. 

Achieve Account Objectives with Intentional & Logical Planning

Strategic account planning. It’s an annual exercise, right? A time-drain that produces a document that barely gets used and adds no value.

Flip Your Demo and Increase Your Win Rate

Traditional linear demos are a thing of the past. New research from 67,000+ demos by Gong.io shows that starting with the conclusion - as opposed to ending with it - is one of the keys to delivering a winning demo.  You’ll learn: Why you need to Flip your Demo with today’s prospects What an “Upside Down” demo looks like Simple steps to build and deliver a results-first demo How to make your demo more conversational  

How to Fuel Sales Growth in 2020 with Agile Learning

It’s not enough to ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to sales readiness. Learning must be agile and continuous to ensure salespeople remain equipped to succeed in an ever-evolving world.  

Enable your Sales Force with Messaging Magic that Moves Deals Forward

We know that sales messaging matters. We know we should personalize for personas. But how do you develop messaging that works and actually get your sales force to use it? This is a perplexing two-pronged problem, but it is solvable.

Successful Sales Enablement in 2020 Requires the Right Content

This session will address the why and how for B2B companies to develop a clear content strategy to enable sales teams to start more conversations and guide buyers throughout their journey for improved win rates.   

Selling to Executives in the Health Care Industry

Selling to C-Suite executives in the healthcare industry is no different than selling to C-Suite executives in other industries - it’s still just as important that you’re calling on the relevant executive for your sales opportunity.  The first thing salespeople need to do is “sit on the other side of the desk” and view their sales opportunity from the perspective of the health care executive.  
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