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Achieve Account Objectives with Intentional & Logical Planning

Strategic account planning. It’s an annual exercise, right? A time-drain that produces a document that barely gets used and adds no value.

Flip Your Demo and Increase Your Win Rate

Traditional linear demos are a thing of the past. New research from 67,000+ demos by Gong.io shows that starting with the conclusion – as opposed to ending with it - is one of the keys to delivering a winning demo.  You’ll learn: Why you need to Flip your Demo with today’s prospects What an “Upside Down” demo looks like Simple steps to build and deliver a results-first demo How to make your demo more conversational  

How to Fuel Sales Growth in 2020 with Agile Learning

It’s not enough to ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to sales readiness. Learning must be agile and continuous to ensure salespeople remain equipped to succeed in an ever-evolving world.  

Enable your Sales Force with Messaging Magic that Moves Deals Forward

We know that sales messaging matters. We know we should personalize for personas. But how do you develop messaging that works and actually get your sales force to use it? This is a perplexing two-pronged problem, but it is solvable.

Successful Sales Enablement in 2020 Requires the Right Content

This session will address the why and how for B2B companies to develop a clear content strategy to enable sales teams to start more conversations and guide buyers throughout their journey for improved win rates.   

Selling to Executives in the Health Care Industry

Selling to C-Suite executives in the healthcare industry is no different than selling to C-Suite executives in other industries - it’s still just as important that you’re calling on the relevant executive for your sales opportunity.  The first thing salespeople need to do is “sit on the other side of the desk” and view their sales opportunity from the perspective of the health care executive.  

Calling on Executives: The Secrets They Won’t Tell Your Salespeople

Uncommunicated expectations are often unmet expectations. That won’t fly when you are trying to talk with your customers’ executives! With complex solutions, often it becomes clear that higher-level support is required to make the sale. What does it take to engage your customers’ executives in a meaningful way? C-suite executives are busy and hard to reach. They are, however, willing to meet with salespeople but with very specific expectations. In order to be effective, your salespeople need to plan carefully for the call, do their homework, and, most importantly, understand those “secret” expectations.

The Secret to Building a Coaching Habit

You want to be more coach-like. Your organization is expecting it, and you can see how this will elevate your leadership to the next level. But it\'s difficult. Even with the best of intentions, you slip back into telling people what to do: it just feels faster and easier to do it like that. 

"Flipped Webinar": Building a Powerful Linkedin Profile - From Resume to Resource

It is foundational that sales professionals leverage their profile to attract, teach and engage buyers. We will guide the participants to convert their profiles from a resume to a resource, providing so much value that your prospective partners or customers will be excited to take the call.   

Why You May Not Want to Hire that Superstar Salesperson

When hiring a salesperson, things are not always what they appear. They’re quick to tell you about the companies they’ve worked with or all the contacts they’ll bring. They may even have some positive numbers from their past. You might think you’re hiring a rainmaker, but if you’re not careful, all you\'ll get are storm clouds. 

The Top 5 Ways to Grab Prospects’ Attention & Close Year End Business

It’s Q4. Your sales team is down to the wire, looking for last-minute opportunities to close. But prospecting and closing business around the holidays presents a challenge. What can your sales reps say to get people to take their calls, agree to meet, and close a sale with only weeks left in the year?

Invigorate Your Sales Organization with The FISH! Philosophy

“Work Made Fun Gets Done” The FISH! Philosophy shows you and your management team how to create a culture where people can’t wait to come to work and be their best--a culture with people looking to make a difference for their customers and each other. A culture that nurtures flawless execution of work, promotes teamwork and is fulfilling and fun. The FISH! Philosophy is based on the book FISH! and the fishmongers at the World-Famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington. The fish market is one of the most profitable retail spaces in America. Yet it is located right near three other fish markets that sell the same fish for the same price. The market doesn’t trade on product or price; they trade on creating unique customer experiences. The fishmongers at the market work in a culture where they bring passion, energy and enthusiasm to work every day.

The 5 Hidden ROI Metrics of Agile Learning Approaches

Agile learning carries the promise of producing more skilled, efficient, and effective sales teams. Yet because it can be difficult to quickly assess its business impact, sales leaders often underestimate the ROI potential of putting an agile model into place. Most limit their tracking of sales training activities to easy-to-gather activity metrics like usage or adoption, or how a recent training directly contributed to closing a deal.

Buyer-Centric Negotiating: Improve Profitability without Jeopardizing Relationships

Negotiating. It’s tough, right? How do you do it in a way to maintain your margins without destroying client relationships? It definitely requires a buyer-centric, win-win approach, focused on understanding your buyers’ interests and what they value, rather than just their positions.  

Top 5 PowerPoint Tips for Engaging Your Audience

People are fractured. Our audience must navigate competing, often real-time demands with fewer resources. Efficiency becomes critical. For this reason, participants lose interest and refocus on other problems—if they aren’t engaged. That is a big problem because no one learns if they aren’t engaged. 

Achieving Trusted Advisor Status with Senior Executives

Why do executives test and screen salespeople?  How can salespeople circumvent that process and develop trusted advisor level relationships with those executives?

8 Strategies to Close Stalled Proposals

When you\'ve presented the proposal, but opportunities aren\'t closing, you need strategies to compel prospects to make a decision. And discounts aren\'t the way to do that.

Want Better Win Rates? 3 Steps to Connecting Your Solutions to Customer Value

The days when a salesperson could close a sale with a “feature dump” presentation and win the sale are long gone. Unfortunately, many salespeople don\'t know there is an alternative. They know they need to advocate “value,” but the path to that end is unclear.

How to Create Game-Changing Front Covers For Your Presentations

When presenting, it\'s imperative that you grab your audience\'s attention right from the beginning, even before saying a single word. One of the best ways anyone can do this by designing a jaw-droppingly beautiful front cover. After all, a front cover is the very first slide that anyone\'s going to see - it pretty much sets the tone for the entire presentation, and give a strong indication on how great your talk is going to be!

The Trouble with Money: Non-cash Rewards and Engagement

Did you know that depending on how it is used, money and other cash-based awards could actually negatively impact your engagement strategies? This presentation combines scientific studies and examples to show the way that rewards, recognition, program design, and communications should be properly used to stimulate activity and engagement.

Using Engagement Principles to Increase Training Effectiveness

During this webinar we will cover the principles of Self-Determination Theory and the research-based principles of Enthusiastic Employees, exploring the differences in engagement from onboarding and throughout employee careers.

Why Relationship Selling isn’t Dead and How it Supports Modern Buying

You\'ve heard that Relationship Selling is dead, right? Well, maybe… If you mean the old-style, wine-and-dine, golf-course, donut-delivering customer schmoozing, yeah, you\'re right. It\'s dead and it should be.

7 Steps to Designing Effective Sales Training

Just like a house needs a blueprint or a film needs a script, great sales training needs a plan. But with limited time and resources, you may have questions about where to start or what to build first. Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

Only 19% of Salespeople Sell to Value: Make Your Sales Team part of the 19%

94% of buying executives expect salespeople to have business impact discussions with them, but only 19% of salespeople are effective at this.
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