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You want your website to instantly captivate prospects and convert leads. You work hard to drive traffic. Those efforts should be rewarded with visitors who explore your site and begin to see you as the answer to their problems. Instead, your target market comes, doesn’t engage, and bounces away.
Executive presence, the ability to inspire, influence and empower others is a vital leadership skill - whether communicating face-to-face or remotely. However, believing that executive presence is conveyed the same way to a live or virtual audience is not only inaccurate, it’s costly.  
All too often sales leaders in organizations tend to focus on the people who are not producing sales when their most valuable talent is really the most marketable asset they have. With this webinar will teach how to maintain engagement and accelerate top performer’s sales ability and career development. 
50% OF WORKERS SAY anxiety negatively affects their performance. 75% SAY most stressful part of job is immediate supervisor. 60% OF ORGANIZATIONS plan to address anxiety & well-being in the next three years
A recent survey found that organizations exceeding revenue goals stand out as developing thoughtful, buyer-first strategies. And at the heart of these strategies is sales and marketing alignment.  
Attend this high-energy, interactive webinar and get the top five practical marketing and sales techniques successful organizations use to eclipse their competitors. Use one or more to increase sales and revenue.  
Companies today spend billions hiring and developing sales teams—yet many of them struggle to onboard reps effectively, especially in remote and hybrid environments.   
Prospecting changes constantly. Nothing works forever. The tactics constantly evolve. What's on the horizon this year and what should we keep an eye on?
In an increasingly hybrid sales environment, virtual selling will never be optional again. Even seasoned sales reps need to learn new skills to succeed. According to McKinsey, 80% of B2B buyers prefer remote selling over in-person. 
This webinar will teach conversational skills that can expand sales performance and results. Sales has so many situations that sales reps need to be ready for; therefore, it's imperative that reps are conversational ready. Often success can be attributed to product knowledge or relationships when in fact what we say, how we say things and when we say things can often deter or accelerate the sales process.
The days when a salesperson could close a sale with a "feature dump" presentation and win the sale are long gone. Unfortunately, many salespeople don’t know there is an alternative. They know they need to talk about "value" but how to do so isn’t as obvious.
How many sales are lost to the competition because they got to the real decision-maker first? How many sales stall because salespeople get stuck with individuals who ‘recommend’ but cannot ‘decide’? Probably more times than salespeople or their sales managers’ like to admit! 
During this Sales and Marketing webinar, Allan Schweyer, the Incentive Research Foundation’s Chief Academic Advisor will present highlights and insights from the IRF’s new study, The Psychology of Points. Allan will discuss how participating in points programs increases employee engagement, intrinsic motivation, and identification with the organization. He will relate his findings to current workplace conditions and to foundational theories of human motivation to provide practical guidance on how to design and implement a successful points program.
This webinar will teach specific methodologies to building a sales coaching culture that enables sales teams not only to be successful but produce a succession plan and future leadership successfully.   
A healthy pipeline begins with quality prospecting. However, it’s one thing to have an identified prospect in front of you. It’s another thing entirely to have a qualified prospect.
Where do your sales managers focus their coaching attention?  Are the "problem children" on your sales team getting too much attention?  Chances are, your sales managers are not investing enough time coaching salespeople in general.  And if they are, they may not be spending enough time coaching the high-performing and high-potential salespeople on your team.  Instead, it is often the low performers who steal all the time, energy, and attention from your sales manager.  However, the payoff from focusing high-quality coaching on high-performing and high-potential salespeople can be enormous.
Video can bring people together but it can’t create a meaningful or memorable encounter that drives results. That requires a unique skillset. Luckily, screen actors, television reporters, and other on-camera pros have unlocked the secret to creating personal relationships and memorable experiences with a virtual audience. In this session, actor and sales author Julie Hansen shares the must-know secrets from her new book, "Look Me In The Eye: Using Video to Build Relationships with Customers, Partners and Teams."
Sales leaders know their teams need enablement. Sellers need onboarding to get up to speed, personalized coaching to continually improve, and access to the content and tools that will help them drive deeper buyer engagement and hit their targets.
It’s no secret that B2B buyers have higher standards and expectations for each sale they’re involved in. And their attention is short and fleeting. This makes each touchpoint all the more important. 
Technology is rapidly evolving in current times and businesses must keep up with the latest innovations to ensure they can retain and grow their customer base. As your business gets more advanced, it is important to ensure your customers not only understand but are able to adopt these changes as well. 
Are your salespeople faltering with 75% of their prospects and customers? Research shows that salespeople only genuinely connect with 25% of their customers. This means strong customer relationships are rarely built with the other 75%, leaving needs unmet and deals lost.
Funnel looking thin? A bit emaciated? Prospecting is the first activity your reps give up when pressed for time. Any other sales activities feel more important. But when they don’t make time for prospecting, they starve the sales funnel. To refill it, you’re forced to monitor their every activity until you see progress.   
Whether you’re focused on transactional or strategic sales, connecting with your customer is key to your success. The new book Make Someone’s Day is all about creating strong relationships that lead others to say "you made my day!"  That’s something every salesperson and account executive wants to hear because people don’t say that randomly, they only say it when you’ve done something for them, in the right way and the right time, that truly impacts them. It’s important to use this with your employees and colleagues too.
In this webinar, Henry Glickel will discuss the specifics behind the labor shortage for salespeople. Including demographics, the great resignation, generational differences, and how you can step into and find hiring success.
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