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How a New Approach to Selling Can Unleash Massive Sales Growth

Many sales reps struggle to make quota and many companies fail to achieve growth goals. Well-known selling methodologies no longer provide enough differentiation. Worse, even the methodologies that have been around for 50 years, like consultative selling, aren’t widely adopted (at mastery levels). We still sell transactionally and superstitiously. In this webinar on his Sales Transformation Straight Talk™ channel, sales transformation expert Mike Kunkle will share:   The consultative skills that provide differentiation Why they’re not enough and what else to do How to implement a sales methodology so it sticks

"Always-On" Enablement: A Model for Perpetual Sales Readiness

As the tides of business change, preparing your salespeople for anything that comes their way takes more than just training – it takes readiness. For sales enablement, this involves all strategic activities designed to prepare sellers to have meaningful buyer interactions (from new hire onboarding to guidance through business transformations).

10 Strategies to Close More Sales Faster

It seems that every prospect wants a deal and closing the sale can drag on while they try to negotiate. Your quota doesn’t change. Your manager is breathing down your back. And prospects expect you to negotiate because they figure you need this sale.

10 Tactics to Become a Master at Consultative Sales

People don’t want to be sold—but they do want help fixing their most pressing problems. Becoming a master at consultative sales will help you earn prospects’ and clients’ trust faster and easier.

12 Proven Strategies Your Sales Team Should Be Using to Engage, Win and Grow Customers

Expert selling strategists and “Beyond the Sales Process” authors Steve Andersen and Dave Stein reveal what decades of experience and deep research have taught them about how societal and technological changes are dramatically changing how we need to relate to and engage with our customers and every prospect differently.  In this segment we learn that if we haven’t already evolved, we are already caught behind the curve! Fortunately, they also show us the strategies our sales teams need to adopt to get back out in front.

12 Tips for Implementing Lead Generation Campaigns that Get Results

So you’ve run some lead generation campaigns but haven’t gotten the results you expected. Now you want to know what went wrong and what to change to fill your pipeline.

2019 State of Sales Coaching: Are Managers, Reps, and Enablement Pros On the Same Page?

Everyone wants good sales coaching, but it\'s not easy to get stakeholders aligned on how to do it. Where\'s the disconnect, and what can you do about it? Join Henry Bruckstein, Founder of Canam Research, and Jake Miller, product marketing manager at Allego, to learn important insights from the new 2019 State of Sales Coaching survey. Our speakers will compare survey responses from sales reps, managers and sales enablement pros to uncover:

3 Science-Based Selling Strategies That Will Improve Sales Results

Research has confirmed that many of the behaviors sales people execute actually drive down performance. Because sales people are largely unaware of how the brain instinctively creates a buying decision, they do not know if they are selling in a way that contradicts it. Yet, there have been thousands of scientific studies that have codified how the brain is hardwired to be influenced. When sales people align how they sell with these scientific principles their ability to sell is enhanced.

3 Strategies to Increasing Close Rates and Profitability

The old adage "People love to buy, but hate to be sold to" is rephrased from the seller side to "Salespeople love to win, but hate to lose." Sales management might say, "I want to help salespeople close business-and close the right business." Because as sales managers well know, the hot pursuit of a win can backfire when salespeople go after deals that aren\'t profitable.

3 Tools to Energize Your Sales Team’s Engagement & Performance

Frequently selected for their ease of use and accessibility, gift cards are a tried and true incentive often used to encourage sales teams to meet and exceed their goals. However, many people think gift cards can be impersonal, and that the recipient may not feel truly recognized. When managers and executives shift their view of gift cards to branded currency, these simple rewards can quickly energize the sales team\'s engagement and performance.

3 Ways to Generate More Sales Leads with a Social Selling Sales Force

For years, marketers have managed corporate social network accounts (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook,...) for branding purposes. Now, leading companies like IBM, ADP, and Hewlett Packard are going one step further. They are teaching their sales people how to leverage their social networks to generate high quality leads. The reason is simple. As B2B buyers rely more and more on social networks for purchasing decisions, successful sellers are sharing valuable content to position themselves as experts and attract buyers.

4 Secrets to Change Your Thinking and Growing Your Revenue: A Whole BrainⓇ Approach to Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing teams exist in highly competitive, ever-shifting environments. Determining your teams’ focus can be a game changer and help set the stage for immediate and long-term WINS.   

5 AMAZING, Easy to Apply Strategies to Improve Coaching, Pipeline & Sales

Digital Transformation is forcing all businesses to re-examine their business models, partnerships and how they sell. Frontline sales managers have to coach their resources to be sharper & more ready for all manner of customer conversations and to perform better than ever before because there is new competition around every corner.

5 Easy Ways To Improve Sales Team Training Using Video

Are your sales reps operating in a crowded marketplace where prospects are more rapidly becoming more knowledgeable and competitors more aggressive?  In environments like these, it\'s easier than ever for your sales team and product messages to get lost in the noise. 

5 Important Linkedin Hacks You Need to Know About

LinkedIn isn’t just for business professionals and job seekers. It is the best platform to grow your business and network with your clients/prospects. Generating leads, brand awareness, building relationships, and making connections is just some of the value it provides.

5 Lessons from Microsoft's Leading Edge Corporate MOOC Innovations

Transform Your Sales & Marketing Enablement at the Speed of Business: Lessons from Microsoft’s Leading-Edge “Corporate MOOCs”   The challenge facing most organizations: transforming at scale and at speed. The answer for Microsoft was leading-edge “Corporate MOOCs” which they have continually innovated in their quest to transform to a mobile-first cloud-first company at 21st century speed.

5 Principles to Drive Higher Sales Performance with Better Learning Content, Engagement and Retention

Sales organizations train, practice, coach and share knowledge differently now than they did just five years ago. The modern learning practices they utilize reflect exciting new opportunities to drive better sales performance at lower cost, using powerful systems and technologies available today.

5 Sales Management Best Practices

There is tremendous misinformation as to what sales managers should be spending their time doing.  This fast-paced session will highlight the 5 competencies on which sales managers should be spending 80% of their time, explain what is involved to master those competencies, and how much time should be spent on each.  Here are some favorites that are not on the list:

5 Secrets to Leading from a Distance. Strategically.

Managing multiple locations and their regional/territory teams requires a unique set of leadership skills and strategies. Join us to learn five key practices of how to lead from a distance effectively. Drawing from our recent national retail industry research study, we will explore the leading practices learned from surveys, interviews, and observations of some of the most productive and profitable multiunit managers on the planet.

5 Tips for Developing High-Performing Sales Managers

If you improve a salesperson, you improve one person. If you improve a sales manager, you improve the entire team. But, for most managers, self-awareness of their skill gaps is not an easy thing.

5 Ways Managers Unknowingly Damage Company Culture

Nearly half of all sales executives in the U.S. have voluntarily left a company because of their direct managers. In many ways, managers are as important as the C-level in influencing a company’s culture. Yet many of today’s managers have had little management training and even less development, emotional intelligence and insight into the psyche of their employees.

5 Ways to Avoid an Account-Based Marketing Disaster

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is hot. Red hot. According to a report by SiriusDecisions, 2015 State of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), more than 60 percent of companies plan to invest in technology for ABM to better align sales and marketing over the next twelve months.

5 Ways to Build Massive Sales Pipeline

Building and maintaining a qualified, correctly sized pipeline is the key to sales success because no problems = no sales. Your sales pipeline is a collection of other people\'s; problems, worries and struggles. There are many reasons why sellers and their managers struggle or fail to do so.

5 Ways to Calculate the ROI of Video for Employee Training

You’ve seen the reports. That shifting to video-based eLearning can save the average company 50% to 70%. That IBM found up to 40% of its classroom training costs were spent just on travel. That Ernst and Young saved 35% by investing in eLearning. And that Microsoft’s move to video-based training helped reduce costs by $303 per learner, from $320 to just $17.
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