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There are lots of problems with the way we conduct Sales Management Review, which create the anxiety, and the often valid assessment are a waste of time. They include:   Poorly defined objectives/outcomes Mixed confusing objectives Absence of preparation on everyone's parts No agenda, wondering aimlessness Mixing meetings - the objective of pipeline reviews, deal reviews, sales call review, account territory reviews are different, but we mix them in the flow of the meeting - destroying the purpose No or poor coaching The information sharing could have been done in another format, not requiring a meeting No learning or development Frequency/timing of reviews borders on micromanagement   This article focuses on the last point - the cadence for the management review process.
"The Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning" is a best-practice model Performance Methods, Inc., has developed from our extensive client work in the strategic account management area as well as our affiliation with the Strategic Account Management Association. Chances are, if you’ve recently attended a SAMA event, you may have even been to a session bearing the same name. This model, based on 10 critical best-practice areas, establishes a SAM execution framework. In this article series, we "unpack" each key and provide insight into how global industry leaders achieve SAM excellence through effective implementation of best practices.
A brief scanning of The Wall Street Journal - or, tellingly, almost any other newspaper in the country - reveals the alarming prevalence and far-reaching impact of organizational dishonesty. Reports of malfesance or criminal conduct in corporate governance, accounting practices, regulatory evasions, securities transactions, advertising misrepresentations and so on have become all to commonplace. Its no wonder that business schools across the country have been rushing to design and introduce courses that emphasize a subject traditionally given short shrift: Ethics.   
Selling has grown increasingly complex and difficult. Research shows that over the past 5 years win rates have fallen and no-decision rates have grown.   Complete the form at right to download this article and learn the 3 questions that every sales leader must ask to make the best go/no-go decision.
In November 2010, Jeff Weiss and Jonathan Hughes, along with Major Aram Donigan published an article in Harvard Business Review called "Extreme Negotiations".  It described the temptations we all face when negotiating under duress - for example, acting too quickly or relying too much on coercion - and suggested that the principles of effective negotiation become even more important when the stakes are high and the pressure is on.  The authors used examples from military negotiations in Iraq and Afghanistan to illustrate those principles. Harvard Business Review followed up with Weiss and Hughes to understand more about how readers could apply these negotiating principles to their own situations.
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