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Building a Modern Sales Training Curriculum That Moves the Needle

The state of sales training and development is in flux. It needs to be. For some period of time during your sales onboarding, you’ve got a captive audience. After that, sales people are on the move. And realistically, even during onboarding, it’s not like you can run a 6-month, in-person, ILT boot camp, to everything your reps need to know and do. And yet, we’re expected to produce results. How do we do it successfully?

Cy Wakeman: Ditching Drama and Entitlement - Manage Smarter 32

Learn Cy Wakeman’s definition of drama, and the effects on the workplace, acceptable ways to react to drama that has been created and how to hire low drama employees.

Tom Peters: The Excellence Dividend - Manage Smarter 19

Tom Peters warns of coming artificial intelligence and how to avoid being replaced by technology, the characteristics of a successful team and the critical need for soft skills mastery by managers at all levels.

Jennifer Gluckow: Tips for Young and First-time Managers - Manage Smarter 16

Jennifer Gluckow discusses how age plays a role in the workplace and uses her professional experience to share her advice for young and/or first-time managers.

Brian Tracy: The Most Important Qualities Managers Must Have for Success - Manage Smarter 05

Brian Tracy explains the most important quality that a manager should have, the three most common mistakes leaders make, how to set better goals and the importance of the work culture.

Why Sales Reps Want Sales Coaching

The fundamental reason is obviously to earn more money, but like anything, people do have an inner belief to truly improve. The reason sales reps want sales coaching is most salespeople don\'t like to be managed, and sales coaching is about positioning a salesperson to not only have success, but to participate in truly improving their ability and careers. Sales management alone cannot achieve this.

Disrupting Sales Management through Adaptive Sales Coaching™ - Better Coaching Leads to Better Sales

Across the nation, sales managers are struggling. They struggle to keep up with deadlines, with reporting, with setting and hitting goals, and with managing and motivating their sales teams. SalesFuel hears these sentiments at every conference, at every training session, and every day from our own clients. There is not enough time. And most definitely, there is no time for sales coaching. The developers and researchers at SalesFuel were tired of hearing sales managers say, “Oh, I’m swamped with bazillions of things to do. I don’t have time to sit down and have hour-long conversations with each sales rep every week.” So, they created a tool specifically to address this no-time epidemic and to disrupt the way we think about managing sales forces forever. It is time for a sea change in sales management. And, it’s time for adaptive sales coaching.

5 Potential Pitfalls in Sales Process/Sales Methodology

We have identified five potential areas of failure in sales process/sales methodology implementation in the midst of data-driven sales transformation.  These areas are broad and multifaceted, but we have explained them within the context of the business issue, and their effects on process implementation, as well as the way that shifting process implementations can affect business issues.

Sales Training - Rigid Vs Fluid: How Mass Customized, Sales Training Can Accelerate & Develop Profitable Skills in Under 15 Minutes a Week

Participants in this session will receive a Royalty Free License to a best practice sales methodology and free access to the associated training using a new platform.

Visual Sales and Marketing Secrets that Improve Your Success Rate

Increase your likelihood of success by 43% using visuals in your sales and marketing materials. Billion Dollar Graphics\' Mike Parkinson - a Microsoft MVP - will show us the secrets the pros use to market and sell better.

How Soft Skills Training Boosts Sales Growth

Soft skills play a key role in your sales reps\' ability to successfully turn a prospect into a client. This eBook discusses how your sales team can put themselves in their prospects\' shoes emotionally, overcome any objection thrown at them and close the sale. Click below to download this eBook.

5 Principles to Drive Higher Sales Performance with Better Learning Content, Engagement and Retention

Sales organizations train, practice, coach and share knowledge differently now than they did just five years ago. The modern learning practices they utilize reflect exciting new opportunities to drive better sales performance at lower cost, using powerful systems and technologies available today.

5 Ways to Calculate the ROI of Video for Employee Training

You’ve seen the reports. That shifting to video-based eLearning can save the average company 50% to 70%. That IBM found up to 40% of its classroom training costs were spent just on travel. That Ernst and Young saved 35% by investing in eLearning. And that Microsoft’s move to video-based training helped reduce costs by $303 per learner, from $320 to just $17.

7 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Lead Gen

If LinkedIn is not part of your strategy, you are leaving money on the table. If you went to LinkedIn and searched for either your clients or prospects, you will find approximately 98% of those professionals are on this platform. So why wouldn’t it be one of the biggest assets in your lead generation strategy.

673 Years Of Sales Excellence - The Best Advice Captured in a 52-Page Book

The book represents an ingenious guide on how to achieve peak performance in sales, your career, and life. It is written by 27 exceptional entrepreneurs and sales leaders. If finding excellence in sales were like climbing to the top of a mountain, we offer you here 673 years of climbing to the top of the sales mountain. You can hike your way up to the summit in 52 pages. The book has two main parts: “The Process” chapter represents the most important hard-earned lessons, on the following topics: Sales Development, Negotiation/Closing, and Customer Success. “The Career” chapter is profound in its simplicity. “The Career” chapter tells you about our heroes’ North Star or what key ingredients brought success, in their long and fruitful careers. This book is a treasure trove. We hope you find the guidance you are searching for and some new valuable insights as you browse through these pages.

How to Evolve Sales Enablement to Sales Performance Consulting!

As an emerging profession, Sales Enablement is quickly approaching a cross-road with significant ramifications. Like our Training and HR counterparts, sales enablement leaders and practitioners face a choice of being viewed as a cost center and overhead, or a business partner that provides value as a critical piece of the organizational growth engine. 

Essential Guide to Modern Sales Onboarding

A New Look at Sales Onboarding Sales organizations onboard new employees differently now than they did just five years ago. This transition to modern learning practices reflects exciting new opportunities for today’s professionals in Sales Enablement and Training as well as Learning and Development to transform onboarding into an organizational capability that drives growth. We’ve helped over a hundred organizations build out successful modern onboarding programs and gained perspective on themes that consistently emerge among top performers. We’ll illustrate these throughout this guide while giving you tactical recommendations for driving better and faster onboarding today Click below to download this White paper.

ROI: What Caused It? Isolating the Effects of Your Programs

Sales of the latest handheld devices have been increased 150% over the last quarter. The senior executives asked the question, “What caused it?” Employee turnover has declined 20% in the past nine months. Senior executive asked the question, “What caused it?” This simple question “What caused it?” is asked frequently in organizations around the world.

Coaching in The Drama Triangle

A significant reason managers don’t coach their people is that there’s no obvious WIIFM. Sure, the person they coach improves in engagement, productivity and impact, so the organization benefits too. But for the manager, coaching can feel like just another obligation. By understanding the Drama Triangle, managers can reach that aha! moment where they realize how being more coach-like can help them work less hard and have more impact.

How to Use Tech to Grow Selling Skills & Sales Results Rapidly

Sales pros, even those with a good attitude can only sell up to their level of competency. Tasking, requesting, demanding that they sell more and more each year, that they sell the “new” solutions, that they go higher and wider in their accounts without continuously sharpening the skills to do so wastes time & leaves millions in sales that should be yours… on the table.

Executive Impact: C-Suite Selling with Executive Presence

Executive Impact is a new two-day workshop that combines the pragmatic effectiveness and proven outcomes of two leading programs: Selling at the Executive Level (SellXL) and Executive Presence.

Get to SOLD: 4 Steps to Facilitate Consensus and Close More Deals

When sales opportunities grow into huge whales, the group of stakeholders usually grows too. Your job gets harder with more people at the decision-making table. Every extra person, team, and department can slow down the sale (at best) or has the chance of running it off the rails (at worst).  

How to Implement a Sales Methodology So It Sticks and Delivers Results!

Do any of these statements sound familiar? “We need our reps to do better discovery! Let’s do a refresher training on that.” “Our reps need to shift from a product-focused transactional selling to value-based consultative selling.” “Why do we need to train our reps on qualification again? We just did a session at SKO?”

Sales Coaching Excellence

Everyone seems to recognize that sales managers should be coaching. But how? What exactly should they do to maximize their limited and valuable time to get the results they need? In this eBook on Sales Coaching Excellence, Mike Kunkle of Transforming Sales result explains how to maximize results from coaching: Determine where to spend your limited coaching time Use the ROAM model to analyze gaps and know what to coach Determine how to close the gaps (the best solution) Use a behavioral model for field training that gets results Use a behavioral model for sales coaching that gets results Get into a regular cadence of coaching   Download Transforming Sales Results\' eBook, "Sales Coaching Excellence" today and get started on your journey to a best-in-class sales force.
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