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Despite growing popularity, marketing automation remains underutilized in many organizations that could greatly benefit from it. It can open a world of new opportunities for your business as described in our free ebook, Guide to Marketing Automation.   Marketing automation streamlines complex marketing processes, allowing companies to efficiently manage campaigns across multiple channels. By automating repetitive tasks like email marketing, segmentation, and lead scoring, it frees up valuable time for strategic planning and creativity. Marketing automation streamlines your marketing efforts to:  1. Save time and money on your marketing efforts  2. Drive more sales  3. Get to know your clients better and strengthen customer relationships  4. Improve the user experience  5. Automate repetitive tasks  With Brevo, marketing automation has never been so intuitive and approachable. Don’t wait to take action and drive growth for your business.
They say what gets measured gets done. But are managers measuring the right metrics when trying to monitor the performance of their teams? Most workplace performance management processes have multiple conflicting intentions, according to an HR expert cited in this report. Insights shared here include five common-sense dynamics that capture a large part of an employee’s performance and why collaboration should be part of every worker’s performance metrics.
You know the old saying - great leaders are made, not born. But not all leaders are the same. Our research has found that leaders typically fall into one of three types. The first leader, known as the Pleaser wants consensus. The second type, known as the General values compliance. But the 3rd leader, known as the Creator, is different. They create clarity around what matters most. What type of leader is your organization developing? Meet the 3rd Leader. Learn more in this white paper.
Download this special report loaded with additional findings from the study. Plus, you'll get insider tips for executive leaders and middle managers.  
Click below to download this workbook for Bob Kelleher's  60-minute interactive webinar, 7 Tools to Unlock The Engagement of Your Team" where you'll learn the secrets to becoming a more engaged, motivated, and productive person, employee, and if applicable, manager, in this captivating and self-reflective session of self-discovery.  Bob will help managers, execs and leaders learn: How to coach employees to booster their personal engagement How to use polling exercises to get at the ‘undiscussables’ with your team  How to get your employees to go ‘above and beyond’ If you missed the live session, use this workbook in tandem with the On Demand webinar, available after 1/25/24.  Better yet, click here to register and join us for the live session on 1/25.
The holiday season means major shopping. And your customers are looking for the best deals. As companies try different tactics to reward loyal customers and attract new business, some incentives will work better than others. Learn how you can stand out from the competition this year. Download our 2023 holiday sales incentives guide and learn how you can send digital gift cards that encourage customer loyalty and attract new business.
New 75,000-Person Research Study Unveils Findings to Unlock Workforce Potential With almost universal awareness about the business benefits of employee motivation, why are employees checking out in droves? New research unveils findings about employee motivation that is stemming this trend in some organizations. Critical steps detailed that can help increase employee motivation in an organization.
In today’s global economy, as things like climate change, COVID-19, and political unrest around the world are causing corporations to rethink how they manage their business, a new question has emerged amongst these new theories in the practice of performance improvement: Can effective employee engagement make a positive contribution to stabilizing the global economy? This white paper explores that question in compelling detail.
The Covid pandemic has changed our lives forever, from the way we communicate, to the way we think about mental health, and far beyond. We have reorganized our priorities, put a higher value on time with family and friends, and have a greater appreciation for some of the freedoms we used to take for granted. This is no less true in the business world and the day-to-day of our jobs. One of the biggest workforce changes brought about by the pandemic is working remotely. And while many workers have begun to return to the office, a substantial number continue to work remotely or have a hybrid schedule. For some organizations, this new distributed workforce is here to stay. So how do you motivate them appropriately? Download this white paper for insights.
The media sales industry, along with many others, took a hit during the pandemic. The industry has bounced back as it continues its transition from traditional to digital formats. Our recent 2023 State of Media Sales survey of nearly 500 media sellers and sales managers reveals the challenges they face are not unlike those across the selling profession. We also discovered the best ways for sales managers in every vertical to improve their outcomes this year.
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