Gold Standard Strategies To Manage Sales Performance And Achieve Your Priorities


CEO, Porter Henry & Company
President, Porter Henry & Company
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    Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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Key problems for every sales manager are (1) managing performance of 5-10 “Lone Ranger” salespeople with different territories, varied skill levels, lack of proximity and (2) finding time to manage top priorities often lost in an excessive workload. The challenges of mixed activities, high work expectations, a chaotic environment loaded with interruptions sucks up time and creates performance obstacles. The ideal solution lies in two exclusive strategies found only in our new book format, comparable workshops, and this SMM webinar.
This webinar provides two Porter Henry exclusive strategies and tools to improve your performance and that of your sales teams:
  • Managing Sales Performance is a critical strategy, literally a crystal ball for managing. It enables the sales manager to set targets, track 10 KPIs for each salesperson, monitor gains and gaps, take the right action early-on before a shortfall grows into a problem.   
  • Optimizing Time to Achieve Priorities strategy analyzes the sales manager’s current time allocation, identifies top three ‘‘A” priorities, ensures that they get enough time for quality performance and completion, establishes ideal time allocation for future, controls time killers.  

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About Warren Kurzrock

As CEO of Porter Henry & Company,  Warren has comprehensive experience in every facet of training development, including needs analyses, conducting training, manager development, custom project design, strategy, and long‑range planning. Warren starred as a company sales rep, was quickly promoted to sales manager and eventually became a top sales executive.  Warren holds a B.A. degree from Duke University and a Master's degree in marketing from the New York University Graduate School of Business.  As CEO, Warren has transitioned Porter Henry & Co. into a global company with 30 proprietary workshops for salespeople and sales managers, producing results for thousands of companies, ranging from Fortune 500 to small businesses.  

About Will Voelkel

With significant corporate experience and 23 years with Porter Henry Co., rising to President, Will has successful experience in sales, sales management, sales consulting and sales training. Now as an independent consultant, Will brings a results-oriented and practical, usable skills and knowledge to his training courses. He has taught over 2,000 classes to 25,000 sales professionals focusing on sales coaching, sales negotiation, consultative selling, strategic account management, and leadership development. Will has helped craft, support and implement clients’ business growth and employee development strategies by producing tangible results in sales training and sales process consulting for more than 150 Fortune 1000 companies


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