Why Prospects Don’t Engage On Your Website


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You want your website to instantly captivate prospects and convert leads. You work hard to drive traffic. Those efforts should be rewarded with visitors who explore your site and begin to see you as the answer to their problems. Instead, your target market comes, doesn’t engage, and bounces away.

Your bounce rate is a problem. But it can be fixed.

Join Prospect Attraction Authority Kendra Lee and Content Marketing Strategist Colleen Casey to pinpoint why your top leads leave your website without engaging and what to do about it.

You’ll discover:
  • 6 factors that cause high bounce rates
  • The #1 mistake that kills website engagement
  • 3 reasons qualified leads don’t engage on your website
  • 5 content strategies to decrease bounce rates and capture leads

Using their advice, you’ll make content updates that get qualified prospects to spend more time on your website, explore your services, take action, and convert to marketing qualified leads.

About Kendra Lee

Sales and marketing expert, Kendra Lee started her sales career in accounting, failed IBM’s entry level sales exam and was told she would be a sales failure without an engineering background. Despite that demotivating start, Kendra Lee entered sales and proved those nay-sayers wrong. She turned her knowledge of numbers into a lead generation approach that has propelled SMB companies to their own success. She is the founder of KLA Group, a sales and marketing agency that helps B2B SMB companies get more customers and is the author of The Sales Magnet and Selling Against the Goal.

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