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Co-Author of Selling to the C-Suite - 2nd Edition
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Author of Beyond the Sales Process
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    Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern
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It's the goal of every salesperson: getting access to senior client executives – the C-Level decision makers responsible for approving top-dollar deals.  Leaders at the highest corporate levels don’t always avoid sales pitches; in fact, they often welcome them, provided the salesperson approaches them the right way.  But how?
Based on research with CXO-level executives in each global region, who were asked about their relationships with professional salespeople, and the business best seller by the same title, this webinar will explore how to:
  • Identify  and align with the relevant executive for the sales opportunity
  • Gain access to C-suite executives, based on what executives said was the best way to get to them
  • Establish trust and credibility with executives, in order to secure return access
  • Become perceived as a trusted advisor
  • Create and communicate value to executives with a compelling value proposition

This webinar also explores what senior executives told us about their relationships with professional salespeople and how to identify and align with the relevant executive to win those multi-million dollar sales you never thought possible.

Who should attend:  B2B salespeople, sales managers and sales executives interested in learning more about selling to C-level executives.

About Stephen J. Bistritz, Ed.D.

Stephen J. Bistritz, Ed.D. has more than 40 years of high-tech sales, sales management and training management experience. He is a published author and lecturer in the field of sales, sales management and selling to executives. Steve has led numerous studies during his career, directed specifically at CXO-level executives, where they were asked about their roles in the decision process for major purchases, as well as their relationships with professional salespeople. Steve’s book, Selling to the C-Suite, is now in its second edition.  

Steve started in 2002 - visit his website at

About Dave Stein

Dave Stein has worked as a sales representative,  sales manager, Director of Worldwide Sales Development, VP of Sales, VP of International Operations, VP of Client Services, sales strategist, and consultant. His hands-on work with businesses ranging from start-ups to the Global 100 provides him with a unique and pragmatic view of and significant experience in sales methodologies, sales training approaches, social selling, sales hiring, and winning critical sales opportunities. Dave’s first book, How Winners Sell, was a highly-acclaimed commercial success, and he is considered an expert by Sales & Marketing ManagementFast Company,  the New York Times, BusinessWeek, Inc., Fortune,  the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and Forbes.

His new book, Beyond the Sales Process: 12 Proven Strategies for a Customer-Driven World is available on Amazon and other online booksellers.