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Watch Out for the Ten Forms of Twisted Thinking

The following excerpt is from "A Practical Guide to Getting Sales Teams to Prospect," by Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling™ In The Feeling Good Handbook, Dr. Burns lists "Ten Forms of Twisted Thinking" that occur when people are depressed. My years of training and coaching sales professionals have made it clear that people who are not depressed can fall into these twisted ways of thinking, too — and many, many sales professionals, unfortunately, employ "twisted thinking" when it comes to prospecting. Click below to download this excerpt and for the link to download the complete eBook

Definitive Guide to B2B Gift Card Sales

Branded currency plays a critical role in a merchant’s marketing mix and customer retention strategy. Gift cards, points, loyalty, rewards and promotional value all help merchants expand their market share, reach new corporate customers and retain those customers. As branded currency continues to evolve and promotional and loyalty programs grow more complex, merchants are increasingly teaming up with specialized prepaid card companies to turbocharge their B2B gift card sales. From basic fulfillment to lead management and fraud prevention, this guide is designed to walk merchants through the considerations of setting up and launching a successful B2B gift card program.

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How Coaching Drives Sales Talent and Saves Companies Money

During this webcast for specific strategies will be taught illustrating coaching strategies that drive talent and how that talent improvement can save organizations money. Often, coaching is viewed as this extra item managers should do time permitted when in fact coaching is now being realized is a great talent and retention tool along with tremendous financial benefits.

Increase Quota Attainment with a Buyer-Oriented Selling System

Ongoing sales research repeatedly tells us that modern buyers want something different from sales reps than they’re getting today. Yet, for the most part, sellers continue to do the same old things they’ve always done. This does not bode well for 2019, which is right around the corner.  

Creative Ways to Recognize Your Employees at Year's End

The end of the year is a traditional time to recognize employees, but how you recognize them will define the difference between boring and exciting, between ineffective and engaging, and inspire greater performance in the coming year.  Join Dr. Bob Nelson, multi-million copy bestselling author (1501 Ways to Reward Employees, The 1001 Recognition & Rewards Fieldbook+) and the world\'s leading authority on employee recognition, rewards and engagement to discuss creative ways you can recognize your employees this holiday season that goes beyond a glass of eggnog at the holiday office party. 

Managing 2019 Sales Opportunities: Will Your Sales Team Still Be Using the Same Old Approach?

As a sales leader, you rely on your forecast data to be accurate. As a salesperson you feel providing sales data doesn’t help you sell, and is extra “paperwork.”  So the forecast data is typically incomplete, inaccurate, or irrelevant.   

Need More Sales? How to Integrate Linkedin and Sales Automation to Close More Deals

If you are not getting leads off LinkedIn, you are not using it properly. LinkedIn has over 400 million business professionals on their platform that can potentially help your business. On the other side, if you are not using a sales automation tool to reach out to the leads you get from LinkedIn, you are wasting hours a day that could be spent closing sales..

5 Easy Ways To Improve Sales Team Training Using Video

Are your sales reps operating in a crowded marketplace where prospects are more rapidly becoming more knowledgeable and competitors more aggressive?  In environments like these, it\'s easier than ever for your sales team and product messages to get lost in the noise. 

Graphs, Charts, and Data Visualization – All Three in Your Next PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint graphs and charts are an excellent way to show information visually, allowing an audience to see the trend or result straight away.

4 Secrets to Change Your Thinking and Growing Your Revenue: A Whole BrainⓇ Approach to Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing teams exist in highly competitive, ever-shifting environments. Determining your teams’ focus can be a game changer and help set the stage for immediate and long-term WINS.   

The Neuroscience of Engagement

You can keep taking your best guesses on how best to engage your team, your bosses and your customers ... or you could understand the science behind what really makes the difference. The science of the brain is the cutting-edge of the art of management. The Neuroscience of Engagement webinar shares insights and strategies that help us raise our game.  

18 Ways to Improve Sales Training with Video

How to use video in your sales enablement practice to help your reps ramp up more quickly, sell more efficiently, and share best practices more easily. Click below to download this Whitepaper.

Never Bargain, but Always Be Prepared to Negotiate—How to Coach Your Sales Team

It’s the common sales manager’s nightmare: your salesperson comes in with a “great opportunity,” but the customer needs a massive discount.

Five Tips For Your “Best Ever” National Sales Meeting

Now that national sales meeting (NSM) planning season is in full swing, it’s on you to make this one the best ever--which means looking at ways to engage your audience more effectively, ensuring that they\'ll remember all that good stuff you’ll be telling them about, and keep it fun.

How a New Approach to Product Training Can Transform Your Sales (and Sales Enablement) Results

We all see the analyst reports about how few reps meet quota. We all know that buying and selling is changing and requires a new approach. And we all know, don’t we, that our reps spend way too much time product pitching – when prospecting, in discovery, and even in solution dialogues.

Sales Need a Lift? Maybe Your Sales Comp and Incentives are Out of Sync

  Ideally, sales compensation and non-cash incentives should work in harmony. But we’ve all seen examples where these two powerful motivators actually end up sending conflicting messages to sales teams.

The Top 5 Ways to Prospect & Close Q4 Business

Prospecting during Q4 presents a challenge, but there are 5 compelling conversations you can have that open the door AND drive new business quickly. Join prospect attraction expert and award-winning author of The Sales Magnet, Kendra Lee, and discover how to change up prospecting conversations to uncover opportunities your team can still close in Q4.

PowerPoint Productivity Boosting Tips that Take You to Infinity and Beyond!

Do you use PowerPoint on a day to day basis? Would you like to get more done? Get better results? It\'s possible! This online PowerPoint masterclass is perfect for anyone struggling to make their slides stand out.  

Versatility: The Secret Weapon of Today’s Salesforce

Are your salespeople faltering with 75% of their prospects and customers? Research shows that salespeople only connect well with 25% of customers. This means strong customer relationships are never built with the other 75%, leaving needs unmet and lost deals.

If Not You, Who? How to Crack the Code of Employee Disengagement

Companies in the top tier of employee engagement outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share and have a 90% better growth trend than their competition. However, 87% of global workers are disengaged, sleepwalking though their day and giving you zero discretionary effort.  They don\'t trust your leaders, they don\'t feel an emotional connection to your workplace, and they are only doing what they have to do to get by.    

Helping Your Sales Team Survive the Executive Screening Process

Why do executives test and screen professional salespeople?  How can your salespeople circumvent that process and develop trusted advisor level relationships with those executives?

How to Coach High Performing Sales Talent

One of the toughest things in managing a sales team is when you have high talent who is performing consistently well, how do you go about continuing to challenge those people, as well as retain their employment? When a salesperson is having good years, they become extremely marketable, and it positions the team to be vulnerable from having top talent stolen from them. This webcast will teach three specific strategies of how sales managers can use sales coaching to retain and develop top talent.

The Art of Selling to Multiple Decision Makers

In today’s business world, important buying decisions are rarely made by an individual. Buying teams are the rule rather than the exception, and salespeople need to know how to sell to and influence multiple people, with multiple priorities, who have to make a single decision—whether to buy from you, someone else, or not at all.

5 Tips for Developing High-Performing Sales Managers

If you improve a salesperson, you improve one person. If you improve a sales manager, you improve the entire team. But, for most managers, self-awareness of their skill gaps is not an easy thing.
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