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7 Steps to Wildly Successful Sales Training

Does Sales Training even work anymore? This webinar will teach a specific 7 step methodology that guarantees sales training and real world success. This webinar is 100 % geared toward maximizing performance in your sales staff’s real world versus simply delivering sales training. The key to sales training is whether the sales people are successfully applying what was taught in the real world. Our 7 step approach guarantees that sales training will be successful with specific combination of events and strategies.

Learn from LinkedIn's Masters: 5 Ways to Close More Business Using LinkedIn's Social Selling

Join LinkedIn for a frank discussion about how the professional network enables sales teams to engage buyers on their platform much earlier in the sales process.  Ralf VonSosen and Koka Sexton from LinkedIn Sales Solutions have spent the last half decade evangelizing social selling and its impact on sales organizations.

6 Imperatives for Success at Digital Selling

It seems as if Social Selling is being talked about everywhere by everyone who is anyone in the world of sales and marketing. Yet, many sales reps haven’t adopted effective methods for selling in our digital age, or worse, are doing damage to their reputations and opportunities by fumbling their way through and alienating prospects in the process.

The Daily Life & Best Practices of an Effective Corporate Sales Coach

This webinar will help participants discover the specific activities and day-to-day operations of a truly effective corporate sales coach. Tim will host this session with guest Michael Bigley from Zones, an international technology enterprise provider.

Managing Your Sales Team to Achieve Top Prospecting Performance

Managing your sales team to top prospecting performance begins with setting and monitoring performance expectations, then holding your team accountable. Setting the expectations is the easy part. Holding your sales team accountable is a different matter entirely. To make matters worse, the process is different with eager new hires than with the senior salespeople and creates a potential disconnect across your team.

Convert More Calls with These Top 10 Statistically Proven Factors

Trainers and \'experts\' talk about ways to convert more calls. But, what are the sales skills and marketing tactics that actually matter to closing more business over the phone?

Building a Social Selling Culture: Turning Grass Roots Tactics into Strategic Advantages

As the Internet has changed B2B buying habits, Social Selling has proven to be an effective way to reach decision makers. Still, Social Selling has been a random, grass roots approach for most corporations. That is because apps like LinkedIn and Twitter are free tools that some sales people started using before most corporations implemented any standard training. Now, sales leaders are wondering how to standardize and manage social activities to achieve higher sales productivity.

Earning the Status of a Trusted Advisor: Possessing the Mindset and Skillset to Align Value to Customers' Challenges

In a recent study on top sales execution trends, 58% of buyers disengage with sales teams and stay with the status quo. The number one reason buyers disengage is that salespeople did not present value effectively or were not aligned to buyers\' specific business challenges. In today\'s competitive marketplace, the combination of a strong set of sales skills and a disciplined mindset will make the difference.

7 Steps Toward an Effective Sales Force

Many companies make a significant investment in their sales force since this is the front line in promoting their products and services. Optimizing the use of this resource is a continuous challenge affected by many internal and external factors. As these factors constantly change, firms repeatedly must address major strategy issues to ensure continued success.

How Much Is Ineffective Sales Manager Training Costing You?

What\'s the difference between training targeted specifically at front-line sales managers versus general leadership training targeted at other supervisory functions within an organization? Unfortunately, in many cases, nothing. While it is clear that there is merit to tying sales manager training to an organization\'s competency model, most of the training sales managers receive tends to be too blunt of an instrument to address the day-to-day realities of sales management.

Coaching To Win: The Key to Sustained Sales Growth

Today\'s sales and account management environment requires a level of leadership skills that not only gets things done through others (many of whom do not directly report to them) but also develops the next generation of sales leaders. Coaching has proven to be an effective way to improve sales performance as well as attract and retain sales talent.

Changing the Game: Strategies to Help Your Sales Team Differentiate Themselves

To avoid the pitfalls of competing on price, salespeople are often told to differentiate themselves and their offering by "selling the value." Selling the value implies that the salesperson either truly understands what the customer values, or that the value offered is perceived as significantly different from the competing offerings. All too often, neither one of these is true.

Keeping the Heat Under Your "Hot" Leads - Three Pitfalls to Avoid

Optimizing your lead funnel is expensive and fraught with peril. Different leads are ready to buy at different times - how can you keep track of them all without overloading your sales team? How can you choose among the myriad lead management solutions available?

Creating a Six Month Win for the New Sales Leader

Industry research indicates that the average tenure for corporate sales leaders is 22 months. As a new sales leader, you\'re walking into a world of unknowns - and you have a short runway to make an impact. The first six months are critical to create momentum and demonstrate measurable results for the company.

Sales and Marketing Lovefest: How They've Been Reunited by Social Networks

30 years ago, B2B sales people drove around in their company cars with a trunk full of brochures, catalogs, and samples. Marketing relied on salespeoples\' relationships to "get the word out" in a way that simply mailing the content could not match. To customers, salespeople were the "Keepers of the Information". How else would a customer know about a product or service if not for the classic sales call?

The Coaching Enterprise: How to Build and Sustain It!

This webcast will provide a step-by-step strategy for building a powerful coaching culture at your organization. The webcast will teach specific pitfalls to avoid along the way, as well as input on how to get managers not only trained, but also enthusiastically participating in your new coaching culture.

3 Strategies to Increasing Close Rates and Profitability

The old adage "People love to buy, but hate to be sold to" is rephrased from the seller side to "Salespeople love to win, but hate to lose." Sales management might say, "I want to help salespeople close business-and close the right business." Because as sales managers well know, the hot pursuit of a win can backfire when salespeople go after deals that aren\'t profitable.

Six Steps to Transform Any Organization into an Opportunity-Maximizing Machine

Most people operate in an environment where they fail to see, tap into and leverage most of the opportunities that constantly surround them. When sales and marketing managers help their teams to better identify, categorize and target specific and available opportunities, their team members will begin to see, act and do things differently. Using specific tools and a proven-effective process, managers can show their people how to remove their opportunity blinders, how to get out of their comfort zones, and how to seize opportunities that lead to greater personal and professional performance and success.

Transitioning from Sales Star to High-Impact Sales Manager

Managing a sales team is one of the most important positions in a company. Great sales managers have a profound impact on the productivity of their sales teams and produce better results. But, too often training initiatives focus on salespeople and not sales managers.

The Barefoot Spirit: Engage and Empower Your People to Ignite Sales

What happens when you fit every employee in your company into one of two divisions: sales or sales support? Suddenly, everyone knows his or her "real" job is to create customer and coworker experiences that drive sales. This shift in perception will drive every decision your employees make. Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey built the iconic Barefoot Wine (a top global brand) using this simple business structure.

The Language Gap: Using Effective Business Communication Skills

“If you\'re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think.”  - David Ogilvy David Ogilvy, the famous marketing and sales executive, said it this way, “If you\'re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think.” Nelson Mandela said it like this: “If you talk to [people] in a language [they] understand, that goes to [their] heads. If you talk to [them] in [their] language, that goes to [their] heart.” The ability to communicate—whether to persuade or just to understand—goes beyond using words well; it requires the ability to use words in a way that has meaning for those with whom you are speaking. The ability to talk with someone in his or her native language isn’t just about them understanding you; it’s about you understanding them—their experiences, their thinking, their beliefs, and their values. While definitions lie in words, meaning lies in the people who use them.

Enhancing Employee Engagement: The Role of the Immediate Supervisor

Engagement, the employee’s commitment to their organization and their willingness to perform beyond expectations, has become a focus area for management. Engagement is more than mere job satisfaction; fully engaged employees are motivated and dedicated to making the organization a success. At the most simplistic level engaged employees lead to happy, loyal customers and repeat business. Importantly engagement also leads to improvement in retention levels. In short, it impacts the bottom line. Dale Carnegie Training asked MSW Research to undertake a benchmark nationwide, cross industry study of 1500 employees to explore engagement in the workplace. The study discovered that although there are multiple factors affecting engagement, the personal relationships between a manager and his or her direct reports is the most influential. 

Implementing Strategies in Extreme Negotiations

In November 2010, Jeff Weiss and Jonathan Hughes, along with Major Aram Donigan published an article in Harvard Business Review called “Extreme Negotiations”.  It described the temptations we all face when negotiating under duress – for example, acting too quickly or relying too much on coercion – and suggested that the principles of effective negotiation become even more important when the stakes are high and the pressure is on.  The authors used examples from military negotiations in Iraq and Afghanistan to illustrate those principles. Harvard Business Review followed up with Weiss and Hughes to understand more about how readers could apply these negotiating principles to their own situations.
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