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17 Training Innovations For Relentless Sales Improvement

The purpose of this paper is to explore the 17 innovations occurring to the methods of training and learning. Some are in their infancy; others are more mature. Additionally, we\'ll suggest some neuroscience-based practices to help you develop your organizational training.

The State of Digital Selling with LinkedIn in 2019

Vengreso recently published an original report titled The State of Digital Selling with LinkedIn in 2019. We surveyed 862 B2B sales reps across five industries: professional services, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services to assess their digital selling skills. The sales reps were asked 10 multiple-choice questions about how they use LinkedIn in their sales activities to assess how their use of LinkedIn impacts their digital selling results. Tune into today’s episode as Bernie and his guest Kurt Shaver, Co-founder and CSO at Vengreso, summarize the key findings that are published in the 20-page report. Get the full report on the Vengreso website or at stateofdigitalselling.com. Don’t miss out on the full report’s finding to understand how reps are being effective in digital selling through LinkedIn.

Modern Selling + Modern Learning = Sales Growth!

There is a lot hype these days about “Modern This” and “Modern That.” What does Modern Selling even mean? And what is Modern Learning? And how can you get past the hype and combine these modern maxims to improve sales performance and deliver profitable growth for your company?

Win the Customer AND the Deal

In sales, we often find ourselves grappling with a false choice – do we focus on relationship building with the customer, or focus more on winning the deal at all costs? It can often seem like there is no middle ground, we have to either perform like a hardliner or try and gain the customer\'s favor. But it is not, in fact, an either/or situation. This white paper explores the middle ground between building relationships and winning the deal and offers helpful tips on ways to nurture both your relationship with the customer while keeping your eye on the prize. Read more to discover how it might be the way salespeople think about their customer relationships that prevents them from focusing on and winning the deal. JMReid Group is a training company that provides sales programs with this middle ground at top of mind. If you like what you read, contact us in the interest of your sales team at www.jmreidgroup.com.

Microlearning Under the Microscope: 6 Myths Debunked

Learning leaders have so many choices on how to deliver on the strategic promise of a learning organization, but there\'s so little time. Making these choices mean the difference between a growing, high-performance organization and one that struggles with the skill gaps that erode competitive value proposition.

How To Increase Your Sales By 900% Using Sales Automation

Targeted lead generation combined with automated follow-ups is key to increasing your sales. If you are looking for more demos, more prospects, more sales, you need to be utilizing the tools that will help you save hours a week, but also fill the top of your sales funnels.

Learn How to Engage High Performing Teams

Workplace Application: Attendees will learn key steps and processes to build high performing teams while focusing on engagement. This session will focus on the key steps to building a high performing team. You will leave energized with a blueprint that will enable you to transform your teams into high performing functional teams and will take home team building tools, exercises, and approaches. This session will bring you through a team evolution process incorporating the best work of Lencioni, Tuckman, Blanchard, and of course, Kelleher.

State of Digital Selling with LinkedIn® 2019

Imagine your sales team gets invited to attend an exclusive networking event filled with senior decision-makers at companies that fit your ideal customer profile. Would you expect them to do their homework before they arrive at the event? How would you expect them to behave at the event? Would they grab a cocktail and stand against the wall for the entire event, quietly making comments to people as they pass? Or would they work the room, confidently striking up conversations with people they\'ve researched online, connected with and began developing authentic relationships proving they have the experience these buyers are seeking from a seller? As a sales leader, you\'d never hire a rep who couldn\'t represent your brand at an important event without proven experience and know-how to conduct meaningful conversations with qualified buyers. This is precisely how high-performing and experienced sales professionals approach digital selling with LinkedIn.

Sales Enablement Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them!

Sophisticated “sales enablement” platforms are becoming more accessible and are rapidly moving into budgets and project plans for middle market sales teams. This trend has the potential to massively impact sales productivity for these firms – but only if sales leaders can nail the implementation process and avoid getting distracted by lengthy projects that add little value.

Key Successful Marketing Tactics to Teach Your Sales Team in 2019

When was the last time you left a webinar with 1-2 points that you can take home to your organization, implement and dramatically increase your output?

Video Coaching Tools: How to Get the Most Value for Sales Enablement & Training

Sales coaching is a powerful way to reinforce learning and help reps master key skills – you know it, we know it. It\'s part of why video coaching tools have become so popular recently.

Annual Leadership Survey Results: Best Practices of High-Performing Leadership Development Organizations

For the third year, Training magazine and Wilson Learning Worldwide have teamed up to conduct the Annual Leadership Survey focused on creating effective leaders and preparing the next generation of leaders.

Implement a Learning Platform to Drive Value from Sales Training

Let’s be real. Sales training shouldn’t be like “catch and release” when fishing. The event-based sales training approach of the past hasn’t produced bottom line results, except for the elite producers, who are at the far right of the performance bell-curve and are lifelong learners. We need an approach that works for everyone, or as many as possible.  

Overcoming the 7 Barriers to Sales Prospecting

THE KEY IS TO ADDRESS THE UNIQUE CHALLENGES OF SELLING OVER THE PHONE. There are two immediate challenges: Inside sales is different and selling over the phone is difficult. If you manage an inside sales or telesales team, you realize these as the unique hurdles to selling and managing customers over the phone. The purpose of this paper is to share with you experience gained from research in hundreds of organizations since 1996 that will help you respond to areas that are inhibiting the performance of your inside sales organization. By reading this white paper, you will learn: Three simple steps to tripling your success rate over the phone. The one reason a lower level of contact will sponsor you to a higher-level contact. The top two techniques for building value over the phone. Keys to leaving a highly-effective voicemail. How to overcome the five common challenges to discovering honest needs.

The Trainer's Role in Helping to Create a Culture of Employee Recognition & Engagement

"You get what you recognize and reward" is considered the Greatest Management Principle in the World. Join the world\'s leading expert on this topic and related ones (Employee Engagement, Employee Experience),

No Time for Coaching Your Sales Team? (How to do it anyway)

Sales leaders today wear many hats and time is always scarce. If time is limited and we noted sales teams need coaching what is a leader to do?

Make Your Own Magic: Counterintuitive Lessons Learned from Walt Disney World

Walt Disney was not your typical businessman. He didn\'t go to college. He didn\'t have an MBA. He hated org charts. It\'s doubtful he ever drew up a vision and mission statement. And yet he succeeded beyond what anyone\'s imagination. He did it through an unorthodox approach that made Disney one of the world\'s most admired companies and a place where inspiring leaders train and develop exceptional employees who deliver amazing customer service.

Coaching for Sales Objections

One of the toughest challenges salespeople experience is objections. We get objections during the prospecting such as were already working with someone I don\'t have any time. We get competitor objections. We get price objections. We get budgetary objections.

The Profitable Link Between Business Acumen, Selling Value, and Effective Negotiating

As part of their research study, SiriusDecisions once concluded that “the inability of sellers to communicate value” was the “single biggest inhibitor to sales growth.” That\'s a big statement. And as much as we\'ve talked about “value” since then, most sellers still struggle to create and communicate it.

Up Your Coaching Skills in 2019: 3 Keys to Getting the Most Out of Your Sales Managers

Sales manager coaching has the single biggest impact on salesperson effectiveness. Unfortunately, sales manager coaching is at an all-time low, resulting in as much as 85% of sales skills never being used to drive sales performance. In our research and experience, we have found three keys to getting the most from your sales manager coaching efforts: Motivation, Skills, and Support. This webinar will describe the three keys and how to ensure successful coaching in your organization.

B2B-Sales HandBook

You are about to embark on a journey that is going to help you to book, sell, and retain like never before.  This book reveals: What has changed in our B2B industry/profession, how to cope with the change, and what skills should one acquire to thrive? What should you change/improve to book, close, and retain more than ever? What resources are valuable to keep on your road to success? “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” ― Alvin Toffler Click below to download this eBook.

Translating Your Investment in Sales Enablement Into Sales Performance

Sales enablement is hot today and with good reason for how it can equip sales teams with data and information to help them sell more effectively. But many enablement initiatives are struggling to live up to their potential and the performance gains that are anticipated. What\'s the #1 overlooked gap that is fueling this discrepancy and challenging the credibility of enablement initiatives? How can you use sales enablement tools and tactics to help your salespeople increase the quantity and quality of the conversations they have with prospects — and drive stronger sales performance?

Sales Coaching Research Brief

Integrity Solutions partnered with the Sales Management Association to perform a sales coaching research survey of over 200 sales leaders at 193 organizations to answer these questions: Is the current approach to sales coaching effective? Does sales coaching impact a sales organization’s performance? How do high performing sales organizations differ in their approach to sales coaching?   Our research yielded definitive and sometimes surprising answers to these questions. Click below and get this Research Brief today!

Using Sales Competencies to Clone Your Top Producers

At a time in the sales profession when only 50-60% of reps make quota and over 20% of opportunities end in No Decision, there is massive room for performance improvement and growth in most sales forces. In many organizations, the Pareto Principle is alive and well-meaning that 80% of the revenue is delivered by the top 20% of sales reps.
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