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With supply chain constraints, long lead times, and inflationary pressure driving uncertainty, it is more important than ever for your sales team to sell value over price.  Are your salespeople able to drive sales conversations that help buyers discover the full value of your product or service?  Do they ask great questions, uncover compelling reasons to buy, and create urgency to act now?  Are your sales managers coaching your salespeople to get better at selling value?  
The numbers don’t lie—prospecting is challenging. Consider: It takes 18 dials to connect to a single buyer 10-30% of your customers will stop doing business with you each year Your sales team has a 56% greater chance of attaining quota if they engage buyers prior to buyers contacting potential vendors
It’s January and you want a fast start. Yes, prospecting during a pandemic has been challenging. But you can put that behind you. It’s time to fill your pipeline and set yourself up for a successful year. Join prospect attraction authority Kendra Lee and learn how to set yourself up for a fast start with a prospecting plan that targets your top markets, referral partners, and stretch opportunities.
In an environment of nonstop meetings, there are few tools as indispensable as the icebreaker. If you’ve tried to run meetings with Zoom, Google Meet, or other video conferencing software, you’ve probably noticed screens can impose a distance that is challenging to overcome. When participants don’t feel engaged, meetings are less productive. But when you deploy the right icebreaker at the start of your virtual meeting, you help participants get mentally in the room, connect with one another, focus on a common goal, and  get energized to contribute.  
If you can just inspire and enable the middle 60% of your sales team to increase their sales just 10 - 20%, they can have the greatest impact on boosting your company’s sales and profits. The key is to understand each sales rep’s current level of engagement, then to empower them with the resources and support they need to amp their performance and succeed. 
Teach your sales team how to ditch the drawn out, worn out webinar for a snappier version that commands epic engagement, off-the-charts close rates, and authentic sales without the ‘salesy’ tactics.
During this webinar, five specific strategies will be taught to help sales organizations launch sales coaching practices for success in 2022. Sales coaching is not a new industry or endeavor, rather due to recent times the practice of sales coaching has dramatically changed and provided unique opportunities.
Have you ever heard that Eskimos have multiple words for "snow?" That’s because it’s so much a part of their world and the different types of snow may have different consequences for them. In Sales Enablement, we have the opposite problem with "content." We toss around the word "content" a lot, but it means different things to different people. And yes, there are multiple types of content, each of which has a different potential impact on sales performance. Why not maximize them all?  
Just about every business professional is on LinkedIn, but few truly understand the power of the platform and how to make it work for them. Ted Prodromou will show you how.  
Depending upon where you are in the world, you may be back in the office or gearing back up to facilitate in-person classes. Or, you may be getting ready to deliver hybrid classes - which have a mixture of in-person and online audiences.
Sales hunters proactively look for business opportunities. They start every day ready to pound the virtual pavement and convert prospects. They’re effective and difficult to find. Too often, business leaders think they’re hiring a stellar hunter. A few months later, they realized the candidate’s greatest sales skill was selling themselves.  
Work as we know it has changed. Forever. In order to thrive, organizations must re-invent themselves and embrace the new normal. A Top 200 Global Thought Leader to Watch in 2021 and author of the newly released book, Remote 101: The Secret to Engaging Virtual Workers, Jill understands how organizations operate, and what they need to do to attract, retain, and engage employees. Are remote workers incredibly productive? Yes, but they also say they feel unsupported and disconnected. The companies that will come out on top are the ones which create and execute a strategy to effectively manage remote workers, and the new hybrid work environment.   
Be in on the discussion as The Bob Pike Group and companies all around the world prepare for a return to classroom F2F training. We’ve heard from clients and brainstormed our own solutions to make classrooms safe and attendees comfortable. This is your chance to grab tested ideas and also share what people expect in your workplace or industry as we all figure new normal out together.
Sales is not just a numbers game, it's an intelligence game. B2B buyers expect sellers to know their business and consistently bring relevant ideas for improving it. Remarkably, HALF of U.S. salespeople don’t even look at the prospect’s website before making their first call. When salespeople take just a few minutes to do pre-call preparation using this framework, they stand apart from their competition.
Some aspect of meeting virtually is here to stay, but B2B sales and marketing professionals are eager to return to trade show environments and live marketing events. In-person events produce stronger leads, present opportunities for unplanned encounters and provide a means to build trust in a way that cannot be duplicated virtually. This Focus Report explores why businesses are ready to return to exhibit halls and what these events in a post-pandemic world will look like. With an understanding that hybrid is here to stay, we learn from experts how to make it work with trade show and marketing efforts.
As companies calibrate the balance between remote and in-office work, company cultures may be facing their greatest challenge in generations.  
Do you want 2022 to be your best year yet? It may feel counterintuitive, with 2021 still barreling toward a close, but if you haven’t already started, this is the time to be planning.
Leveraging existing connections to gain access to targeted stakeholders is one of the most powerful tools LinkedIn offers. Through targeted LinkedIn searches, participants will learn how to find out who in your network can make introductions to ideal clients and referral partners and proven outreach strategies to start meaningful conversations.
"Work" and "fun" have historically been considered polar opposites. It was thought that you can work or you can have fun, but you can't do both at the same time--or in the same place. Work is what you do for your paycheck and fun is what you do on the weekend. Most of us must work to earn money to live, and sometimes enjoying the work we do seems like a luxury we can't afford. Or can we? Download this article from some recommendations.
As we enter the post-pandemic era, most of us will find the workplace has changed. Remote work, which had been a dream for many workers, became a reality over the past year, as at least 42 percent of the U.S. workforce shifted to working virtually full-time from home. Now that the pandemic is subsiding, the Conference Board reports that 40 percent of employers are planning to have workers return to the office, but 61 percent of white-collar employees say they would like their company to let them continue to work remotely indefinitely, and of that number, almost 30 percent of working professionals indicate they will quit if they are told to return to the office. Download this artcile for some best practices recommended by Dr. Bob Nelson.
As companies continue to grapple with the best way forward in navigating a Hybrid Workforce, one of the beliefs driving many companies to require that all employees return to the office is "company culture," that is the shared beliefs, values, norms and practices that uniquely distinguish one company from another. It's assumed by many executives that an organization's culture can only be learned over time by a culmination of in-person interactions conducted exclusively onsite in central office locations. For example, Goldman Sachs CEO, David Solomon, who has called remote work an "aberration" and not conducive to productivity, sent employees an email which in part stated: "We know from experience that our culture of collaboration, innovation and apprenticeship thrives when our people come together, and we look forward to having more of our colleagues back in the office so that they can experience that once again on a regular basis." Download below to learn more.
All variations of the hybrid workforce are emerging as employees head back to the office--or not. Many high-tech companies have granted flexibility for workers to continue to work remotely. For example, Twitter and Facebook have announced that employees can continue to work remotely forever, while Google has proposed that "around 60 percent of employees come to the office a few days a week, while another 20 percent will work in new office locations and 20 percent will work remotely. Download below to learn the options companies are offering and lessons they're learning.
94% of buying executives expect salespeople to have business impact discussions with them, but only 25% of salespeople are effective at this.
Poor data visualization leads to overly complicated charts that take too long to understand and steal valuable time from your audiences. Worse, a careless approach to charting can lead to misinterpretation of your messaging.  
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