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4 Key Things Executives Need to Know About AI
AI is rewriting the rules of business, even as enterprises themselves struggle to implement it. Executives are intrigued by AI's potential, but they often question how AI can truly work for them. Where can AI generate real business value? Where does - and doesn’t - it have tangible use cases? How can teams be set up to effectively deploy and manage it for long-term success?
L&D's Imperative for AI: Upskilling Critical Thinking
The use of AI in the workplace is exploding and your employees’ ability to discern fact from AI hallucination is increasingly imperative. Without critical thinking skills, we face a danger where falsehoods will negatively impact workplaces and consumer interactions.  
Visual Sales Mastery: How Simple Sketches Can Help You Close Bigger, Faster Sales
Struggling to stand out, connect with, and be remembered by sales prospects?    
Sales Call Perfection: 9 Steps to Boost Conversion Rate Success
Are your sales call conversion rates plummeting? Are you frustrated with sales calls that fail to seal the deal? Are your Sales cycles ballooning? You’re not alone. Every sales call has its own nuance but no call is more important to your business than the discovery call. The discovery call sets the tone for the entire sale.  
Seven Pivotal Moments That Lead to Personal Growth
During every journey, there are pivotal moments where you remember the person, place, and time when you learned something that changes the course of your journey. There are seven pivotal moments from Steve’s journey shared in this workshop that will help you in your leadership practice. 
Quick Ways to Generate Revenue for Your Organization
Your revenue goals slipped off track. The strategies you consistently relied on for B2B sales leads no longer work, and you’re tired of waiting for the situation to improve.  
Leveraging Manager and Peer Engagement to Build Superior Training
Recent research shows that manager and peer involvement in training can dramatically improve effectiveness, in some cases by more than 75 percent! However, there is a problem. Manager coaching is at an all-time low, and the shift to more remote training methods has limited peer engagement.   
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Ready for a Rebound
It wasn’t long ago that fans of the National Basketball Association could be excused for turning off a game if a team was leading by 15 to 20 points in the first half. Such leads were mostly insurmountable, even with a half to play. No longer. The latest regular season, which ended in mid-April, featured a record 38 comeback victories by teams that trailed by 20 points or more during a game. The previous record for victories after trailing by 20 or more was 30, set last season. Sales managers whose teams fell well short of first-quarter revenue goals take heart. If NBA squads can reverse course and come out on top when trailing by 20 with only half the game left, it’s possible, even in the world of complex B2B sales, to make adjustments and still meet this year’s sales targets. Sales slumps are a certainty. How sales managers and sales reps respond to them impacts a slump’s length and severity. Sales management veterans we spoke with and others who have commented on the internet state that a prolonged drop in sales should be viewed as an opportunity to review a B2B company’s go-to-market strategy from start to finish. Does a marketing campaign need to be refreshed? Is lead generation falling short? Are reps failing to secure enough initial meetings? Is low motivation a problem? If you’re losing market share to a competitor, it’s imperative to figure out why — fast!
Stand Out, Get Noticed and Create Influence with Expert Market Positioning
Do you struggle to communicate your company’s value and uniqueness to prospects? This innovative marketing presentation will show you exactly how to position your business as a top industry leader and authority. Discover how to stand out far above your competitors.  
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How to Use a Coaching Framework for Training Reinforcement
This webinar will reveal a very specific approach that combines the world of leadership coaching as a tool for training reinforcement. For far too long training has been left alone without the value of training reinforcement. This webinar will illustrate how reinforcement can easily be applied to elevate the value and delivery of your training.
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Boost Your Reach and Maximize Returns
Despite growing popularity, marketing automation remains underutilized in many organizations that could greatly benefit from it. It can open a world of new opportunities for your business as described in our free ebook, Guide to Marketing Automation.   Marketing automation streamlines complex marketing processes, allowing companies to efficiently manage campaigns across multiple channels. By automating repetitive tasks like email marketing, segmentation, and lead scoring, it frees up valuable time for strategic planning and creativity. Marketing automation streamlines your marketing efforts to:  1. Save time and money on your marketing efforts  2. Drive more sales  3. Get to know your clients better and strengthen customer relationships  4. Improve the user experience  5. Automate repetitive tasks  With Brevo, marketing automation has never been so intuitive and approachable. Don’t wait to take action and drive growth for your business.
Creating a Master Plan for Leadership Development
Now is a great time to re-think how leadership development is conducted in your organization.  
Voice in the Machine: Mastering Selling Authenticity in an AI-Driven World
In an age where Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere, its impact on sales is profound and far-reaching. Join us for an engaging webinar to explore how AI is reshaping the sales landscape and revolutionizing customer engagement.  
When Feedback Flops!!
You've planned, set aside time for preparation and yet - your feedback session was not effective - it flopped! It's one of a manager's greatest fears - a feedback session that flopped and set you back in your schedule and the relationship.  
Improve Your Sales Team's Engagement in Just 30 Days
Every year organizations focus on improving employee engagement. And every year it’s the same story. They administer the annual survey only to see little-to-no improvement overall. And while there may be improvement in one area, another area inevitably falls short. It’s like playing a version of "employee engagement whack-a-mole."  
Building Sales and Trust in the AI Jungle
In an era dominated by AI, the demand for genuine human connections has never been more crucial. While authenticity comes naturally in face-to-face interactions, the virtual landscape often challenges sellers to convey their true selves, hindering their ability to develop trusted relationships.  
Navigating Workplace Conflict: How to Have More Influence, Less Drama and Better Collaboration
Conflict is hard. You weren't born knowing the perfect words to say when you're angry, dealing with a difficult stakeholder, or when someone calls your game-changing idea "stupid." This practical program incorporates findings from our expansive World Workplace Conflict and Collaboration research. You'll leave with the courage, confidence, and competence to navigate even the trickiest conflict scenarios and build better, lasting collaboration.
Five Fundamentals You Need To Master For Your LinkedIn Success
LinkedIn says that 98-99% of users don’t use it effectively. In this presentation you’ll learn the five fundamentals, long-standing principles, you need to master to move into the 1% of users who use it effectively.  
Measuring the ROI in Marketing
For years, professionals within the marketing field have debated how to measure the return on investment for various marketing initiatives. This webinar, designed specifically for marketing professionals, describes how to measure the impact and ROI of all types of marketing campaigns, advertisements, promotions, events, and other similar activities.   
Is Your Training Paying Off? Evaluating Training Impact with the Kirkpatrick Method
Unlock the secrets to maximizing your sales team's potential! Join our exclusive webinar as we delve into the powerful realm of sales training evaluation using the renowned Kirkpatrick Model. In this dynamic session, the Kirkpatrick team will guide you through the four levels of evaluation, offering practical insights and strategies to measure the effectiveness of your sales training programs at each of the four levels.  Whether you're a sales leader, trainer, or HR professional, this webinar is your roadmap to elevating your sales training initiatives. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to sales development and drive unprecedented success.
How to Tell a Story that Sells
Not every great salesperson knows how to tell a great story. But great storytellers can sell just about anything. Join us as we break down the basics of what makes a good story, what's in it for the person to whom you are selling, and how to target the story to their needs.
Measuring the Success of Sales Training
A 2020 Southern New Hampshire University study found that sales training can deliver a 353% return on investment. This study has been cited numerous times by others who want a quick data point to make the case for investing in sales training. Sadly, these citations lack context, process, or standards, leaving some readers questioning the reliability of the data.  
The New Way to Transform Leaders in 30 Days
New research shows that more than economic or business concerns, human capital-related challenges like retaining and developing leaders is now the #1 priority for CEOs. It’s what keeps them up at night more than anything else. Yet, despite the best efforts of the L&D and training communities, traditional leadership development programs gain little traction or have an impact on business results.  
Succession Planning: What to Think About When Preparing Future Leaders
With the Boomers leaving the workforce daily, and GenX right behind them, companies are scrambling for successors. But it’s not as simple as choosing the "right" person. Succession planning has a lot of moving parts which need to be integrated with the leadership development you’re already doing. In this webinar we’ll look at leadership development through a succession planning lens.
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